Deed Book B, 1807 - 1810 
B-1. Bill of Sale. Dec.12, 1807. Thomas Dyer sold to Samuel Dabbs, a Negroe boy Jordan, supposed to be about eleven or twelve years old, for $300. Wit. Thomas Knight. Pr. June 3, 1808. Rec. June 30, 1808.

B-70-76. Marriage Settlement. Apr. 21, 1808. A marriage being intended between the Rev. Samuel Eccles and Ann Pettigrew , widow of Alexander Pettigrew, Ann conveys (with the approval of Samuel Eccles her intended husband) her one third interest in several tracts of land and in the personal estate of the late Alexander Pettigrew to Timothy Dargan and William Zimmerman, trustees for Ann, and then to the survivor of Samuel and Ann, and to their children.. The personal estate includes an undivided one third interest in the following Negroes living at the time of death of Alexander Pettigrew (and their increase since): a man named Jack, a boy named Peter, and a wench named Judy and her child London, a wench named Phoebe and her child [not named], a boy Joe and a girl Rose. Wit. John D. Orr, Jos[eph] Woods, Wm. Connell. Pr. June 17, 1808. Rec. Oct. 24, 1808.

B-169. Deed of Gift. Feb. 2, 1782. William Cannon Sr. Prince Frederick District gives his grandson Rasha Cannon his Negro woman named Darkey. Wit. Ebenezer Gibson, Tho[ma]s King, John Dickson. Pr. June 13, 1782. Previously recorded in Darlington County Book B, pp. 118-119 and examined Apr. 27, 1791, Evander McIver, clerk of court. Rec. March 6, 1809.

B-224. Bill of Sale. Apr. 7, 1808. Willoughbe Lang of Chesterfield Dist. sells to John F. Wilson for $350 a Negro woman named Patience. Wit. : Alexander Sparks. Pr. Apr. 2, 1808. Rec. Mar. 18, 1809.

B-251. Bill of Sale. Nov. 7, 1807. William Runnels sells to Needham Stevens two Negroes: a woman by the name of Edy and a boy by the name of Ephram. Wit. : Arthur Pepkin, Spencer Harrell. Pr. [no month or day], 1809. Rec. Apr. 2, 1809.

B-252. Bill of Sale. Jan. 8, 1808. Edward Wooham sells to Benjamin Skinner for $400 a negro girl named Penny about fifteen years old. Wit. Moses Walters, Ariss Woodham. Pr. Apr. 15, 1808. Rec. Apr. 2, 1809.

B-294. Bill of Sale. Aug. 4, 1809. William Prothro sells to Giles Carter for $650, a Negro woman Fan and her increase and two children, one a boy about four years old and one a girl about 9 months old. The sale bill later indicates that the boy Daniel and girl Rose are the children of Fan. Wit. Edwin James. Pr. Aug. 18, 1809. Rec. Aug. 15, 1809.

B-300-01. Bill of Sale. Jan. 9, 1802. Zachariah DuBose sells to Giles Carter for $875 a negro woman named Judy, a girl about 3 years old named Lydia, a negro girl named Minder about 5 years old. Wit. Benjamin Dubose, William Ingram. Pr. Jan. 11, 1802. Rec. Aug. 16, 1809.

B-321-22. Bill of Sale. Aug. 24, 1809. Rachel Waddille sells to Daniel Waddille for $500 three Negroes: a woman Cate about 40 years old of yellow complexion, a woman Lydia about 17 years old of a dark yellow complexion, and a boy Jack about six years old of dark yellow complexion. Wit. Elizabeth Garner, Sally Witherinton. Pr. Aug. 24, 1809. Rec. Oct. 18, 1809.

B-387. Bill of Sale. Dec. 28, 1807. Receipt for the sale for $500 of a Negro boy Ben by Samuel Dubose to William Gee. Wit. Timothy Dargan. Pr. Oct. 17, 1809. Rec. Mar. 22, 1810.

B-387. Bill of Sale. Dec. 14, 1807. Thomas B. Connell sells to William Gee a Negro boy Daws [?] about 9 years old. Wit. Hugh E. Cannon, Simon Connell. Pr. Oct. 17, 1809. Rec. Mar. 22, 1810.

B- 388. Bill of Sale. Mar. 7, 1810. Littleton Hooton sells to Charles Gee for $430 a negro boy named Negro about 16 years old. Wit. William Gee, Lydia Dargan. Pr. Timothy Dargan. Pr. Mar. 9, 1810. Rec. Mar. 22, 1810.

B-388. Bill of Sale. Dec. 28, 1809. James Bostick sells to Abel Rogers for $400 one negro boy named Ned aged about 14 years old. Wit. Edward Rogers, Daniel Bostick. Pr. Mar. 20, 1810. Rec. Mar. 22, 1810.

B-418. Bill of Sale. Beaufort Dist., South Carolina, June 2, 1809. Benjamin Allan sells to Jesse Williamson “in behalf of William Williamson” for $400 a negro girl Charlotte. Wit. Thomas Griffith, John Hinds. Pr. Beaufort Dist., Oct. 25, 1809. Darlington Dist., July 19, 1809. Jesse Williamson transfers to William Williamson his rights in the Negro girl Charlotte. Wit. Benja[min] Flowers, Alexander Flemming [sic]. Pr. Darlington Dist., July 20, 1809. Rec. Apr. 5, 1810.

B-425-26. Bill of Sale. Dec. 18, 1809. James T. Walton of Lexington, Oglethorp Co., Georgia, for $375 sells to Alexander Sparks a Negro woman Phillis and her boy child Catoe. Wit. Thomas Griffin. Pr. June 2, 1801. Rec. Jul. 3, 1810.

B-426-27. Bill of Sale. May 1, 18[blank]. Thomas Harrelson and Stephen Moore of Caswell County, North Carolina, for $300 sell to Alexander Sparks a Negro girl Mariah. Wit. Tho[ma]s W. Griffin. Pr. June 22, 1810. Rec. Jul. 3, 1810.

B-427-28. Bill of Sale. Greenville, Feb. 26, 1810. Stephen Moore of Caswell County, NC sells to [John F.] Wilson & [Alexander] Sparks for $480 two Negro boys John and Toney. [First names from proof.] Wit. Thomas W. Griffin. Pr. Cheraw Dist., June 22, 1810. Rec. Jul. 3, 1810.

B-428. Bill of Sale. Dec. 6, 1809. William D. Hall of Iredell County, NC, sells for $500 to [John F.] Wilson & [Alexander] Sparks a Negro man Abraham. [First names from proof.] Wit. Tho[ma]s W. Griffin. Pr. Cheraw Dist., June 22, 1810. Rec. July 3, 1810.

B-439. Emancipation. July 10, 1810. Elijah Hudson has signified to John Huggins, JQ, that he wishes to emancipate and set free a negro man Ben, supposed to be about 55 years old. Moses Waters, Esq., Capt. William Bramlet, Herman Holleyman, Ephraim Fields, John A. Trull and John Huggins JQ together looked into the character of Ben and Elijah Hudson the owner has given satisfaction to his character and ability. There is no impediment to emancipating and setting him free pursuant to the act of law ratified in 1801. Rec. Sept. 8, 1810.

B-451-52. Bill of Sale. Oct. 15, 1810. Lovit [also Lovet] Brown for $10 sells to Needham Stevens of Pulaski Co., Georgia all his claim to his share of three Negroes named Lewis, Feby, and Isbell and the issue of the said Feby and Isbell which was given by deed of gift to Amy Brown by her father Thomas Carroway of Wayne County, NC. Wit. Spencer Harrell, John Harrell. Rec. Nov. 17, 1810.

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