P-8-10.  Marriage Settlement.  Sumter Dist., May 8, 1845.  Contemplating a marriage between Peter A. Brunson and Joanna [sometimes Joana or Jane] Cathleen McLeod, widow and heir of her late husband James Harvey McLeod and also heir of her late daughter Thomasena McLeod, she conveys to Ervin B. Brunson, in trust for herself, the following Negro slaves and other property:  Kitty, John, Thisty, Donas, Frank, Betsy, Elisa, Rosetta, Ellen, Nook, Peggy, Hujh [?], Cain, Matuice [?] and Phillis.  Also, land and personal property conveyed by deed from Moses B. McLeod to Samuel Cooper and David B. McLeod, dated Nov. 21, 1836, as appears in the deed recorded [in Sumter Dist.] and also as attached.  Wit.  John E. Brown, Wm. M. Cummings.  Pr. Sumter Dist., May 9, 1845.


P-10-13.  Deed of Gift.  Sumter Dist., Nov. 21, 1836.   Moses B. McLeod of Middle Salem, Sumter Dist., planter, to Samuel Cooper and David B. McLeod, in trust for his wife Martha McLeod and children, all his property, land and negro slaves (39 in number): Carolina, Phillis, Sam, Cubit, Venus, Susey, Kezzy, Maggy, Bill, Chaney, John, little Venus, George, Sally, Alston, Caesar, Francis, Jude, Henry, Linus, Drembo, Sylla, Isham, Charles, Nook, Mary-Ann, Flora, Easter, Jacob, Monus, Daffney, Linda, Jane, Tom, Simon, Hagar, Prince, Madison and Lucy, for the use of Martha and his children James Harvey McLeod, Eliza A. McLeod, Moses D. McLeod, Agnes E. McLeod, Margaret B. McLeod, Martha Jane McLeod, Robert B. McLeod, Sidney M. McLeod and any child or children hereafter lawfully born of his and Martha’s marriage.  When the eldest child is 21 or marries, estate to be divided, with each child to receive his share at 21 or marriage.  Wit.  Robert L. McLeod, John M. Smith, Alester Garden.  Release of dower by Martha, Nov. 22, 1836.  Pr. Nov. 24, 1936.  Certifications of authenticity from Sumter Dist., recorded there in Book M., pp. 161-165.  Rec. June 7, 1845.


P-17-19.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Apr. 8, 1845.  Hannah Sanders conveys to George W. McCall, in trust for her relations Sarah Sanders (wife of James M. Sanders) and her children Henry, Moses, Mary, Theodeore, Hannah, James N. and Henrietta Josephine and other children to be born, the following negro Slaves:  Daniel, Sim, Rhena, Anna and her five children (Flora, Adeline, Louisa, Sylvia and Albert) and the future increase of the females.  Wit.  T. B. Haynsworth, Jos. J. Ling.  Pr. June 28, 1845.  Noted as recorded in Marion Co. Book T, pp. 132-133.   Rec. June 28, 1845. 


P-21-23.  Trust Deed of Gift.  July 7, 1845.  David Williams conveys to Alonzo Williams and Thos. Atkinson, in trust for his daughter Eliza Ann Witherspoon, tract of 808 acres and the following negores:  Sharper, Benson, West, Hagar, Jack, Isaam, Sue, Alfred, Joe and Bob.  After the death of Eliza Ann, to go to her child or children equally, except for Martha Barnes, wife of Jethro Barnes, who is to account to the rest of the children for $600 already received.  Wit.  James E. Morris, Moses A. Huggins.  Pr. July 7, 1845.  Rec. July 7, 1845.


P-33-34.  Trust Deed of Gift.  July 29, 1845. David Williams, planter, conveys to Alonzo B Williams, in trust for his daughter Eliza Ann Witherspoon, three Negro slaves with their increase, Silvy, Isaiah and Franky, not subject to any control or debts of Eliza’s husband John S. Witherspoon.  After Eliza’s death, they are to go to her children equally.  Williams is to annually pay to Eliza Ann the hire of the slaves or suffer her to receive their service, and to pay the taxes.  29 July 1845, Alonzo B. Williams accepts the trust and acknowledges receipt of the Negroes mentioned.  Wit.  Jno. A. Dargan.  Pr. Aug. 6, 1845.  Rec.  Aug. 6, 1845. 

P-44-45. Deed.  Dec. 20, 1843.  For $1450, Adam Cusack conveys to his daughter Frances O. W. Turner, wife of Hugh Turner, for her lifetime and then to her children, the following Negroes:  Mary, aged about 48; Isaac, aged about 30; and Howard, aged about 18 years.  Hugh Turner is to have possession during his lifetime.  Wit. Saveory [Savory in proof] Cusack, John McLaughlin [McLochlin in proof], Archibald McLaughlin.  Pr. Marion Dist., Sept. 11, 1845.  Rec.  Sept. 30, 1845.


P-45-46. Deed.  Dec. 20, 1843.  For $900, Adam Cusack conveys to his daughter Dorcas McLaughlin, wife of John McLaughlin, for her lifetime and then to her children, the following Negroes:  Patsy, aged about 26; and Solomon, aged about 16 years.  John McLochlin [sic] is to have possession during his lifetime.  Wit.  Hugh Turner, Savory Cusack, Archibald McLaughlin. Pr. Marion Dist., Sept. 11, 1845.  Rec. Oct. 2, 1845.


P-62-63.  Deed.  Dec. 20, 1843.   For $1000, Adam Cusack conveys to his daughter Martha Ann Turner, wife of Isam Turner, for her lifetime and then to her lawfully begotten heirs of her body, following Negroes:  Lucy, aged about 30 and Calvin, aged about 16.  Isam Turner is to have possession during his lifetime.  Wit.  Hugh Turner, John McLaughlin, Archibald McLaughlin.  Pr. Marion Dist., Oct. 6, 1845.  Rec. Nov. 19, 1845.


P-63.  Deed.  Dec. 20, 1843.  For $1450, Adam Cusack conveys to his daughter Elizabeth L. M. Turner, wife of Elias Turner, for her lifetime and then to her children, following Negroes:  Sam, about 23 years; and Sy, about 22 years; and Dice, about 9 [7?] years old.  Elias Turner is to have possession during his lifetime.  Wit.  Hugh Turner, John McLaughlin, Archibald McLaughlin.  Pr.  Marion Dist., Sept. 11, 1845.  Rec. Nov. 19, 1845.


P-67-68.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Dec. 10, 1845.  Frances Hunter conveys to Emily A. Hunter, in trust for Frances’ granddaughter Laura Cornelia Hunter and then to her children, if any, a Negro girl slave named Clarinda, aged about 10 years, with her increase.  If Laura Cornelia dies without issue, then in trust for France’s granddaughter Ida Ann Hunter and her children.  Wit.  J. A. Dargan. Pr. Dec. 10, 1845.  Rec. Dec. 10, 1845.


P-72-75.  Marriage Settlement.  Dec. 18, 1845.  Contemplating a marriage between Louisa Amanda Muldrow and Augustus Washington Moye, she conveys in trust for herself and the children of the marriage, scheduled property to William L. Moye, being her undivided one third part of that property, except for certain property sold in equity of the estate of Hugh Muldrow, her interest in that property being one fifth of two thirds.  Louisa and Augustus are to have possession during their lifetimes, etc.  Wit. Wm. R. Moye, J. W. Muldrow.  Schedule of property includes Negro slaves:  George, Adam, Frank, Sylva and an infant, Tim [Jim?], Peter, Jesse, and their increase, if any, being the portion of the Negroes of Hugh Muldrow assigned to Louisa by the commissioners in equity in a return dated July 9, 1845, and various other property.  Pr. Dec. 22, 1845. Rec. Dec. 22, 1845. 

P-84.  Deed of Gift.  Dec. 16, 1845.  George Mims conveys to his daughter Mary Philips, wife of James Philips, for her lifetime and then to the issue of her body, a negro woman named Catharine, aged 12 years last May and a Negro girl named Rebecca, aged 3 years last March.  Wit. James Thwing, Harvy Wilson.  Pr. Dec. 16, 1845.  Rec. Jan. 5, 1846.


P-94.  Deed of Gift.  Dec. 11, 1845.  Celia McLendon, in consideration of their bond to provide for her comfortable support and maintenance during her lifetime, conveys to her daughter Mary Atkinson and Mary’s husband Spencer Atkinson, three negro slaves:  Candis, a woman aged about 32, and her two children Harry (aged about 3 years) and Fanny (aged about one month), with their increase.  Wit.  Saml. J. Ervin.  Pr. Jan. 6, 1846.  Rec. Jan. 6, 1846.


P-114-15. Deed of Gift.  Jan. 9, 1846.  Solomon Wright conveys to his daughter Rebecca Krimminger, recently married to John N. Krimminger, two negro slaves:  Vina, aged 14, and Amanda, aged 9, with their increase.  Conveyance is to Rebecca and the heirs of her body, not subject to the debts of John N. Krimminger, and reverts to Wright or his estate if she has no issue.  Wit.  Ervin B. Brunson, James D. Wright.  Pr. Jan. 22, 1846.  Rec. Jan. 22, 1846.


P-119-21.  Mortgage.  Dec. 31, 1845. To secure a bond of $20,000, conditioned for payment of $10,000, Edgar W. Charles conveys to James J. Gibson, 15 negro slaves: Hester and her five children Rachel, Peggy, Derry, Irene and William, William and his wife Nancy, David and his wife Charlotte, James or Jim, Ned, Reuben, Sam and Sandy.  Conveyance is void if Charles pays as agreed.  Wit. W. H. Wingate, Geo. Addison. Pr. Feb. 3, 1846.  Rec. Feb. 3, 1846.


P-123-25.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Jan. 15, 1846.  James S. McCall conveys to Moses S. McCall, in trust for his daughter Elisabeth H. Haynsworth, wife of Thomas B. Haynsworth, a Negro girl Phibby, aged about 11 years, for the sole and separate use of Elisabeth for her lifetime.  Elisabeth may take possession or take the income for the hiring of Phibby.  Wit. L.G.S. Middleton, Jos. J. Ling.  Pr. Feb. 2, 1846.  Rec. Feb. 3, 1846.


P-158-60. Mortgage.  Feb. 12, 1846.  Frances Wilson, wife of Samuel Wilson, acting under powers reserved to her in a marriage settlement between herself (then Frances Smith) and Samuel Wilson, dated Dec. 8, 1828, conveys to Franklin J. Moses & T. B. Haynsworth for the $300 for which she is indebted for professional services rendered, a negro boy Robert, now in possession of Maurice W. Hunter, which Robert is the son of Harriet, who was settled in the said marriage settlement and who was born since the execution of the marriage settlement.  Conveyance is void if Wilson pays $300 to Moses and Haynsworth as agreed.  The marriage settlement (for which W. F. Lee is party of the third part) is recorded in office of the Secretary of State, Book 10, page 86, and also in the office of the Register of Mesne Conveyance for Charleston Dist.,  Book V, no. 9, p. 537.  Wit. Jos. J. Ling, John F. DuBose. Pr. Feb. 18, 1846.  Noted as recorded in Secretary’s office, Columbia, Feb. 21, 1846, in Misc. Rec. Book O, pp. 264-65. Rec. Mar. 3, 1846.


P-165-66.  Mortgage.  Sumter Dist., Feb. 28, 1846.  John D. Ashmore of Sumter Dist., to hold harmless Absolom Wilson, security for a bond dated Feb. 23, 1846 made to William Lewis, ordinary of Sumter Dist. and secured by Absolom Wilson, conveys to Wilson nine Negroes:  Dorcas, Henry, Tom Benton, Mary Benton, Jinney, Amaritta, Little Nelly, Jim and William. Conveyance is void if Ashmore pays the bond.  Written across the page is “Settled in full Jany. 11th 1847[.]  A. W. Wilson.” Wit. M. J. M. Murphey.  Sumter Dist., Feb. 28, 1846.  Rec. Mar. 10, 1846.


P-166-68.  Mortgage.  Jan. 22, 1846.  To secure a bond of $2928 for the payment of $1464, which he and John O’Kelly and Edmund Stuckey have made to the Bank of Camden, S. C., Burrell Shirley, planter, conveys to the Bank four negro slaves:  Anthony, aged about 18, Sylvia, aged about 19 and her child Julian aged about 4 years, and Bob about 18 years.  Conveyance is void if bond is satisfied.  Wit. Alexander Johnson.  Pr. Kershaw Dist., Mar. 6, 1846.  Rec. Mar. 10, 1846 


P-176.  Mortgage. Mar. 10, 1846.  To secure a debt of $327 dated Feb. 4, 1846, John Taylor conveys to W. C. Bruce & Co. a negro slave named Hester, aged about 15 years.  Conveyance is void if debt is paid by next Jan. 1.  Wit. John McAlister.  Pr. Mar. 13, 1846.  Rec. Mar. 16, 1846.


P-177.  Trust Deed.  Jan. 24, 1846.  Hardy Stuckey of Sumter Dist. conveys to John O’Kelly a Negro woman Caty, aged about 30, in trust for Harriet C. Taylor, wife of William K. Taylor.  The conveyance is made in exchange for Harriet’s releasing of her dower interest in land of William K. Taylor on Lynch’s Creek which Stuckey bought at Darlington Dist. sheriff sale.  Harriet is empowered to dispose of Caty if she wishes.  Wit.  H. D. Crosswell, Gilbert Crosswell.  Pr. Sumter Dist., Feb. 16, 1846.  Rec. Mar. 16, 1846. 


P-186.  Deed.  Mar. 17, 1846. For $350, George Edwards and Marsy [Maisey in proof] Edwards his wife convey to Martha Mikell all their undivided interest in the estate of Mrs. Mary Ann Mikell, deceased, including particularly their undivided interest in three Negro slaves:  Sally, about 27 years old, Rose, about nine years, and Henry, about 4 years, and their future increase. Wit. Sarah M. Kelly.  Pr. Mar. 19, 1846.  Rec. Mar. 19, 1846.


P-188-89.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Mar. 28, 1846.  Abner J. Bland conveys to William Gee, in trust for his wife Mary Bland, a negro man named Handy, for her sole use during her lifetime, and then to the child or children of Abner and Mary Bland.  Wit. Geo. W. Scott,  J. H. Huggins. Pr. Mar. 28, 1846.  Rec. n.d.


P-200.  Trust Deed.  Marion Dist., Apr. 13, 1846.  James C. Timmons conveys to Luther R. Timmons, in trust for Elizabeth H. James, wife of Thomas L. James, a negro boy named Jim, “a slave which I have had for some time in my possession.”  The conveyance is made in consideration of the discharge and release pro tanto for part of the share of Elizabeth H. James in the estate of Penelope Timmons, deceased, mother of James C. Timmons.  Wit. Robert Napier.  Pr. Marion Dist., Apr. 13, 1846.  Rec. Apr. 17, 1846.


P-256-57. Trust Deed.  1846.  For $343, Paul S. Saverance conveys to J. H. Huggins, two negroes, Negro woman Betty, about 50 years old, and Joe, about 5 years old, in trust as were the funds originally granted to him pursuant to the settlement of an equity case for the use of Frances S. Parnell, wife of Israel Parnell, as memorialized in a deed of April 13, 1846, recorded in Book P, pp. 200-202 of Darlington Dist., and also recorded in the Secretary’s office in Book P. pp. 393-95.  This purchase is made at the request of Frances Parnell and approved by the equity court.  The original equity case was brought by Paul S. Saverance, Dewitt Fields and Mary M. Fields his wife, complainants, against Margaret Saverance and others, defendants in the matter of the estate of Paul Saverance and Hannah Saverance, and the decree was issued by equity court at Feb. term, 1846.  Wit. John Mims, R. M. Saverance.  Pr. Aug. 29, 1846.  Rec. Sept. 7, 1846.


P-270-73. Marriage Settlement.  Oct. 13, 1846.  Contemplating her marriage to Christopher Flinn, Elizabeth Byrd, widow of Miller Byrd, conveys land and slaves to Blaney McNeese, in trust for herself for her lifetime: 200 acres of land set off for her by equity court from the estate of Miller Byrd, and the following negro slaves: Spencer, Abram, Isacc [sic], Ester, Rebecca, Hetty and Caroline, with their future increase.  Elaborate provisions are made for the estate after her death.  Wit.  Jesse W. Parrott, Willis, Parrott.  Pr. Oct. 20, 1846.  Rec. Oct. 20, 1846.


P-273-74. Trust Deed of Gift.  Oct. 12, 1846.  Elizabeth Byrd conveys to Christopher Flinn, in trust for her son Cravin Leister (son by her former husband Cravin Leister), Negro slave Hiram, about 16 years of age.  Labor of Hiram is to provide for Cravin’s support and education until he turns 21 years, and then Hiram is to be delivered to him.  If Cravin dies before 21, Hiram reverts to her and her heirs.  Wit.  Jesse. W. Parrott, Willis Parrott, Blaney McNeese.  Pr.Oct. 20, 1846.  Rec. Oct. 20, 1846.


P-288-90.  Mortgage.  Dec. 16, 1846.  To secure a bond of $5010 which secures a debt of $2505, Edgar W. Charles conveys to James W. Bum, administrator of Robert L. Bum, two negro men slaves named Carolina and Dublin, three Negro women slaves Sary, Matilda and Sue, four children slaves Charity, Bill, Esther and Phillis, and one negro woman slave Mumer, the Grandmother of the children slaves.  The conveyance is void if Charles pays the debt as agreed.  Wit. H. G. Charles, Jos. J. Ling. Pr.Dec. 22, 1846. Rec. Dec. 22, 1846.


P-293.  Deed of Gift. [no date].  Elias Windham conveys to his son Richard English Windham, the following Negroes:  Dorcas, Jonas, Rachel, little Hannah, Sampson, Amiretta, William, Dorcas’ child not named, big Hannah.  Elias reserves to himself “a lifetime right.”  Wit. J[ohn]. Harllee, Geo. J. W. McCall.  Pr. Jan. 4, 1847. Rec. Jan. 5, 1847.


P-294-95.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Jan. 4, 1847.  James S. McCall conveys to Moses S. McCall, in trust for James’ daughter Elizabeth H. Haynsworth, six Negroes:  man Jim about 18 years, woman Phillis about 45 years, woman Silvey18 years, man Isaac about 21 years, boy Clayton about 12 years, and girl Cloa about 2 years and their increase.  Negroes are not subject to control or debts of Elizabeth’s husband Thomas B. Haynsworth or any future husband; Elizabeth to have use or hire and income.  Afther Elizabeth’s death, to go to her child or children living at time of her death, or failing children as she directs by deed or will.  Wit. J. H. Huggins, W. C. Huggins.  Trust accepted by Moses S. McCall Jan. 4, 1847.  Pr. Jan. 4, 1847.  Rec. Jan. 5, 1847.


P-304-5.  Deed.  Aug. 30, 1844.  In order to provide for their sister Zilpha Stanley, John T. Stanley and William Stanley, heirs with Zilpha of Mercy Stanley, lately deceased who died intestate, convey their interest in two Negroes, Harriet and her child Humttu [?], to Zilpha and instruct Thomas Stanley, administrator of the estate, to deliver them to her.  Wit.  James Green, W. E. James, Stephyen Gardner.  Pr. Jan. 30, 1847.  Rec.  Jan. 30, 1847.


P-305-6.  Mortgage.  Dec. 3, 1846.  To secure a debt of $100, Archibald J. McLauchlin conveys to John H. Muldrow a Negro boy named March.  With. J. S. Birch, James Thiving.  Pr.  Jan. 27, 1847.  Rec. Feb. 2, 1847. Noted as satisfied Sept. 18, 1846 [sic].  There is a loose paper tipped into the book at pp. 305-06:  Receipt for payment of $100 mortgage on Negro boy Mark [sic], Apr. 2, 1847 received of A. J. McLaughlin, in full of his mortgage, sighed J. H. Muldrow. Pr. May 6, 1847.


P-312-14.  Mortgage.  Dec. 25, 1846.  To secure a security in the amount of $635, payable to Ervin B. Brunson, ordinary and adminstrator of the estate of Rachel Ingraham, Alexander N. Stucky conveys a Negro man Simon to Mary Carter.  If Stucky pays as agreed to Brunson, the conveyance is void.  Wit.  Reese Durant, Miles H. Joy.  Pr. Feb. 5, 1847.  Rec.  Feb. 5, 1847.


P-316-17.  Trust Deed.  Feb. 11, 1847.  Pursuant to the order by the Darlington Dist. equity court dated Feb. 10, 1847, in the petition of Mariah A. Brunson by her next friend, E. A. Law as equity commissioner, conveys negroes Fan, Chaney, Moses, Elias and Simon, and the future increase of the females, to James H. Huggins, in trust for Mariah A. Brunson, free from the liability or control of any present or future husband, and with the right to dispose. Wit.  S. Wilds DuBose, Wm. H. Wingate.  Pr.  Feb. 10, 1847.  Rec. Feb. 11, 1847.


P-325-26.  Mortgage. Feb. 17, 1847.  To secure future payments totalling $1000, Thomas L. James conveys to George C. James the following Negroes: woman Phebe, aged about 19 years, with her two children Minder (about 2 ½ years) and Amos (about 9 months), and a girl Tempy, aged about 13 years.  Wit.  Jas. H. Pearce.  Pr. Mar. 19, 1847.  Noted as satisfied, Dec. 9, 1847. 


P-351-52. Trust Deed of Gift.  Apr. 12, 1847.  John P. Zimmerman conveys Negro girl Martha to Nathan Davis, in trust for Zimmerman’s sister Sarah A. Davis, for her lifetime, and then to her daughters or other children.  Wit.  Geo. W. Dargan.  Pr. Apr. 12, 1847.  Rec.  Apr. 14, 1847.


P-369-70.  Trust Deed of Gift.  May 6, 1847.  J. D. Witherspoon conveys a female slave Esther, aged about 10 years, and her issue, to his sons Boykin and John Witherspoon, in trust for his daughter E. B. DuBose, she to take possession.  If her husband K. C. DuBose predeceases her, they are to make title over to her.  If K. C. survives her, they are to make title over to her child or children surviving.  Wit.  Lewis M. Coker, P. E. Griffin. Pr.  May 6, 1847.  Rec.  May 22, 1847.


P-372-74.  Deed.  May 25, 1847.  Doly Zilks conveys for $800 to Batson Jordan and Wiley J. Floyd her undivided one eighth interest in the real and personal estate of her late brother Alexander Jordan, to which she is entitled, including between 40 and 50 Negroes (not named) and 1700 acres of land, etc.  Wit.  Wm. H. Wingate, Saml. J. Ervin.  Pr. May 31, 1847.  Rec. May 31, 1847.


P-374-76.  Marriage Settlement.  Marlborough Dist., May 26, 1847.  Contemplating her marriage to Moses S. McCall, Catharine McRae conveys Negroes in trust for herself to J. B. Haynsworth, for her lifetime and then to the children of her marriage with Moses.  Schedule of Negro Slaves lists man Billy; boys Garreth, Marion and Toney; women Patience, Bella, Leah; boy Gee; girls Betsey, Emma, Jane, Sarah, Martha.  Wit.  John F. DuBose, J. S. Weatherly.   Pr. Marlborough Dist., May 28, 1847 and recorded there in Book R, p. 11.  Rec. June 2, 1847.


P-384-87. Trust Deed.  June 7, 1847.  Isaac D. Wilson and Margaret Jane his wife, daughter of Alexander Sparks, convey 42 slaves and their increase to Alexander Sparks in trust for Margaret Jane and her children.  These slaves were the marriage portion of Margaret Jane settled on her by her father at her marriage to Wilson on May 27, 1835.  Slaves named are Emanuel, Laura, Zachary, Fanny, Dick, Polly, Milley, Chaney, Anson Jr., Nancy, Sylvey Jr., Mary, Jeffrey, Diana, Pinckney, Lewis, Dennis, John Jr., Alfred, Bill, Anaca, Serene, Jasper, Harriet Jr., Douglas, Sylvey Sr., Lucy, William, Eve, Joshua, Milley, Julia, Hiram, Diana, Fanny, Lewis Sr., Bob, Sally, Cynthia, Edward, Sam, and Betty.  Complex instructions are provided, generally that Wilson and Margaret Jane as his successor are to retain possession, and Sparks is then to convey the slaves to their child or children surviving them. If there is no surviving child, Sparks’ children are to inherit.  If Sparks predeceases, the Wilsons are to name a successor trustee.  Wit. James P. Wilson, Geo. L. Williamson.  Pr. June 7, 1847.  Rec. June 8, 1847.


P-394-395.  Mortgage. May 10, 1847.  To secure a bond of $800 guaranteeing a debt of $400, Redden Byrd conveys to H. L. Byrd a negro slave Synthia and her child Ben.  If Redden Byrd repays the debt, the conveyance is void.  Wit. W.J. Howard.  Pr. Georgetown Dist., June 28, 1848.  Rec. July 1, 1847.  [Marginal note:  Mailed to G.Town to H. L. Byrd.]


P-409-11.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Feb. 23, 1847.  Wlliam McBride of Chesterfield Dist. conveys to Alfred M. Lowry and John C. Evans, in trust for his daughters E. Lauretta Gulledge, wife of David Gulledge, and Louisa Woodward, wife of Thomas Woodward, two female negro slaves with their future increase:  Clarissa, aged about two years, and Lyd, aged about three years.  Clarissa is held in trust for the sole and separate use of Lauretta, who may take possession or the profits from her hire, and Lyd in trust for the sole and separate use of Louisa, who may take possession or profits.  After the daughters’ deaths, the slaves are to go to their child or children.  Wit.  W. J. Hanna, W. P. Barry.  Pr. Chesterfield Dist., Mar. 3, 1847.  Rec. Chesterfield Dist., Book P, p. 315 and Columbia, Secretary’s office, Misc. Rec. Book R, pp. 316-17.  Rec. Aug. 11, 1847.


P-427-30.  Marriage Settlement.  Sept. 29, 1847.  Contemplating a marriage between Hannah M. Nettles ande Peter K. McIver, Hannah conveys various property to Isaac D.Wilson, in trust for herself and her heirs.  The property is her one third undivided interest in the real and personal estate of her late husband James Nettles, being land and personal property including one third undivided interest in the following Negroes of the estate of James Nettles: old Joe, Clara, Arthur, Abraham, Daniel, Resha, Little Joe, Little Zilpah, little Rose, Titus, old Rose, Ben, old Sarah, Jefferson, Annett, Eliza, Diana, Eleanor, Satira, Bill, Milly, Frances, Flora, old Zilpah, Alex, Lydia, Julia, Lany, Nora, Little Diana, Lemuel, Elvira, Rebecca, Lorra, Fanny, Mary, Judy, Ferdinand, Frank, Peter, Leng [?] Sarah, Washington, Keziah and Louisa.  After Hannah’s death, property goes to her child or children.  Trustee may sell property with Hannah’s permission and the profits reinvested for the trust and Hannah may sell, devise or bequeath it as she pleases. Wit. William D. Lewis, Ann S. Cannon.  Pr. Oct. 4, 1847.  Rec.  Oct. 4, 1847.


P-461-63.  Trust Deed of Gift. Mar. 18, 1847.  David Williams conveys to Peter A. Wilds, in trust for his daughter Catharine L. Williamson, wife of George L. Williamson, negro slaves Elcy, Louisa, Leigh and Wyatt, with their increase.  After Catharine’s death, they are to go to the children of George and Catharine.  Catharine to have use and possession or proceeds from hire and may sell with George’s permission, with the proceeds to return to the trust.  Wit. Samuel J. Wilson, Peter A. Wilds.  Mar. 18, 1847, Peter A. Wilds accepts the trust.  Pr. Dec. 6, 1847.  Rec. Dec. 6, 1847. 


P-463-64.  Trust Deed.  Dec. 19, 1846.  David Williams conveys to Peter A. Wilds, in trust for his daughter Catharine L. Williamson, wife of George L. Williamson, negro slaves Sam, Amri, Eliza, Andrew and Emma with their increase.  After Catharine’s death, they are to go to the children of George and Catharine.  Catharine to have use and possession or proceeds from hire and may sell with George’s permission, with the proceeds to return to the trust.  Wit. James A. Williams, David Tedder.  Dec. 19, 1846, Peter A. Wilds accepts the trust. Pr. Dec. 6, 1847.  Rec. Dec. 6, 1847.


P-476-78.  Mortgage.  Jan. 15, 1848.  James Bell, to secure a bond or obligation with John F. Ervin as security, dated Jan. 15, 1848, stands held and bound to William H. Fraser, adm. of Martha E. Hunter, deceased, in the sum of $3732, conditional for the payment of $1866.   James Bell to secure the money owned to Fraser (as adm. of the estate of Martha E. Hunter), conveys to him six Negro slaves:  Africa, Maria, Cynda, Cyrus, Martha and Evan, “being the same Negroes which were sold by the said William H. Fraser as the property of Martha E. Hunter, decased, which said Negroes were transfered and delivered to me by the said Fraser by deed bearing even date with these presents.”  If Bell pays $1866 as agreed, the conveyance is void.  Wit.  Saml. F. Ervin.  Pr.  Jan. 18, 1848.  Rec. Jan. 18, 1848. 


P-490-92. Mortgage.  Jan. 14, 1848.  To secure a debt of $550, William Plummer conveys to James Keith a negro man Calton, aged about 21 years.  Conveyance is void if Plummer pays his debt.  Wit.  James E. Morris, Evander Keith.  Pr. Jan. 26, 1848. Rec.  Jan. 26, 1848.


Deed Book P, 1845 - 1848
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