Deed Book O, part 2

O-293-95.  Mortgage.  Jan. 27, 1844.  To secure a bond of $1704.24, conditioned on the payment of a debt of $852.12 owed to Eleazer Waterman, Frances Ann Leger and Mary F. Leger convey to Waterman “ten” negro slaves:  Isaac, Myrah, Cretia, Deanna, Daniel, Phoebe, old Myrah, Kosia [?].  Conveyance is void if debt is paid as agreed.  Wit. Geo. W. Dargan.  Pr. Mar. 8, 1844.  Rec. Mar. 11, 1844.


O-295-96.  Deed of Gift.  Feb. 14, 1844.  Martha Parrott conveys real and personal property to her children Hardy M. Parrott and Willis Parrott and negroes Ben, Rose, Wiley, Cesar and Leah to her four children Hardy M. Parrott, Willis Parrott, Mary Parrott and Laney Parrott, to be equally divided between them after her decease.  Wit. Josiah Bass, Alexander Norwood, A. L. Williams.  Pr. Mar. 4, 1844.  Rec. Mar. 11, 1844.


O-309-311.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Jan. 13, 1844.  Benjamin Parrott conveys to Samuel N. Garner a girl slave named Helen, in trust and for the support of Parrott’s daughter Winny Garner, wife of Charles W. Garner and her children.  Winny to choose to receive the labor or proceeds of hire of Helen, and after Winny’s death, the slave and her increase are to go to Winny’s children.  Wit.  Ira. P. Beasley. Pr. Apr. 1, 1844.  Rec.  Apr. 1, 1844.


O-320-21.  Mortgage.  Oct. 7, 1843.  To secure a bond of $10,400 for the payment of a debt of $5,200, owed to John McDonald and John O. Durant, Redden Byrd conveys to McDonald and Durant 29 negro slaves:  Ben, a man 56 years; Fanney wife of Ben, about 56; Jourdan, 24 years; Synthia, 22 years and her children Jeffrey 14, Judy 7, Fanny 6, Cyrus 9, Lucy 4; Eliza 21 and her children Jacob 5, Alfred 2, Selina 6 mos; Parsons 60; Mary 50; Toney 28; Jourdon 26; Jenny 22 and her children Jack 13, Elijah 10, Nancy 7, Jane 4, [blank] 3, Phillis infant; Paty 18; Hagar 40 and her children Sam 14, Phorti [?] 10, Lydia 3; and Pompy 64 years. [Note: document states 29 slaves; thirty slaves are listed, but Jourdan/Jourdon appears to be listed twice.]  Conveyance is void if debt is paid.  Wit. J. L. Miller, H. L. Byrd.  Pr. Sumter Dist., Apr. 5, 1844.  Rec. Apr. 6, 1844.


O-348-49.  Trust Deed.  Apr. 22, 1844.  To settle the case brought in equity court by John M. Timmons and others, asking among other things for the partition of the estate of William Timmons, a deed is prepared to convey to Spious Ham  a negro woman Elsey [also written Elsa], valued at $375, and other property, being the entire share owed to Rosanah A. Dinkins, in trust for her solely during her coverture and after her death to be conveyed to the issue of Rosanah A. and Wiley H. Dinkins.  Wit. John Leach Jr., R. M. Timmons.  Pr. Apr. 27, 1844.  Rec. May 3, 1844.


O-361-62. Trust Deed of Gift.  Jan. 13, 1844.  Ann S. Cannon, who received a life estate with power to dispose from the will of William H. Cannon, Sr., in negroes Captain, Kizzy and her five children and her futher increase, and Jenetta and her six children and her further increase, conveys to Mary Ann DuBose, mother of Ann Cannon DuBose, a negro girl Betsey, one of the children of Jenetta, in trust for Ann Cannon DuBose.  Marginal note:  Delivered to the order of J. B. Nettles.  Wit. Henrietta D. Furman, Geo. W. Dargan.  Pr. May 23, 1844.  Rec. May 23, 1844.


O-385-87.  Mortgage.  July 29, 1844.  To secure a bond in the amount of $48,000 obligating the payment of a debt of $24,000, payable in several installments through 1855, William H. Cannon conveys to Chapman J. Crawford of Marion Dist., 42 negroes, being the same negro slaves which Cannon bought from Crawford: Moses and Amelia his wife and their three children Molie, Peter and Constance; Wally and Lavinia his wife and their four children Washington, Mary, Tener and Jim; Mitchell and Caty his wife and their two children Jack and Alice; Rhody and her two children Eliza and Sci; Clarisa and her two children Orpha and Adaline; Sophronia and her four children Rachel, Stepney, George and Isabella; Wiley and Evaline his wife and their child Ben; Maria and her six children Moon, Charlotte, Richard, Alice, Andrew and Victoria; Vines; Jesse; Gadsden; Sandy; Lester; and Rachel.  The conveyance is is void if Cannon pays the $24,000 as agreed.  Wit. Jas. McPherson, Saml. J. Ervin.  Pr. July 30, 1844.  Rec.  July 30, 1844.


O-399.  Deed of Gift.  Sumter Dist., Dec. 13, 1842.  John B. Miller of Sumter Dist., planter, conveys to his daughter Miranda E. Scarborough, two negro girls (sisters), Rina, aged about 16-18, and Sarah Ann or Sally, [interlined: born June 15, 1826], aged about fourteen years, and their future increase, not subject to the control of her present or any future husband.  Wit. Wm. M. Delorme.  Pr. Sumter Dist., Dec. 13, 1842. Rec. Aug 12, 1844.


O-406-07.  Mortgage.  Feb. 20, 1844.  In order to secure his bond of $2274 obligating the payment of $1137 owing to E. A. Law, commissioner in equity or his successors, William J. Carter conveys negroes Richard and Phebe and her future increase to Law or his successors.  Conveyance is void if Carter pays as agreed, and negroes are to remain in Carter’s possession until default.  Wit. J. A. Dargan, James E. Morriss.  Pr. Aug. 20, 1844.  Rec. Aug. 20, 1844.  


O-429-30.  Bill of Sale.  July 20, 1840.  George Mims sells a negro man Sam, aged about 26 years, to James Phillips for $1000.  Wit. George D. C. Huggins, Elizabeth Mims.  Pr. July 25, 1840.  Rec. Sept. 12, 1844.    


O-434-35.  Deed of Gift.  Oct. 3, 1844.  Mary Reynolds conveys a negro man Tom, aged 33 or 34 years, to Elijah Popwell, son of her granddaughter Elizabeth Popwell.  Tom is to remain in possession of Mary Reynolds for her lifetime. Wit. Robert A. McInville, John Sansbury.  Pr. Oct. 3, 1844.  Rec. Oct. 7, 1844.


O-439-40.  Deed. May 20, 1844. Ann J. DuBose conveys negroes to Peter K. McIver, trustee in the marriage settlement between Joshua E. Kirven (her son) and his wife Hannah.  The negroes are the ones which were conveyed in a sheriff’s deed dated Aug. 2, 1843 to Ann J. DuBose: Binah, Milly, William, Charlotte, Maria, Cuffy and an infant Cuffy, as well as Cato, child of Milly born since the sale.  The sale was authorized by a writ dated Feb. 2, 1841.  Wit.  Lewis M. Coker, Jno. J. McIver.  Pr. Oct. 15, 1844.  Rec. Oct. 15, 1844.


O-440. Deed of Trust.  May 20, 1844.  Ann J. DuBose conveys negro Harry to Peter K. McIver, trustee in the marriage settlement between Joshua E. Kirven (her son) and his wife Hannah, for the uses and purposes expressed in the marriage settlement.  Harry was conveyed to Ann J. DuBose by a bill of sale from Caleb Coker dated Apr. 12, 1841.  Wit. Lewis M. Coker, Jno. J. McIver. Pr. Oct. 29, 1844.  Rec. Oct. 29, 1844.


O-444-46.  Trust Deed of Gift.  Dallas Co., Alabama, Sept. 1, 1844. William M. Rumph and Frances Jane Rumph, his wife, of Dallas Co., Ala., convey all her interest in the estate of Martha A. Mandeville, deceased, consisting of one-eight of the real and personal property, including 20 negro slaves [not named], as set forth in the inventory recorded in the ordinary’s office in Darlington Dist., SC, to Robert Rogers of Darlington Dist., in trust for the children of the said Robert Rogers and Henrietta his wife.  Wit. Samuel W. Lide, James A. Fountain.  Release of Dower, examination of Frances Jane Rumph by Robert P. Lide, James Lide and Eli H. Lide, Dallas Co., Ala.  Pr. Dallas Co., Ala., Sept. 12, 1844.  Rec. Oct. 29, 1844.


O-454-55.  Marriage Settlement.  Nov. 5, 1844. Contemplating a marriage between Mariah Louisa Bacot, spinster, and Theodore A. Dargan, physician, Mariah conveys her undivided one-seventh interest in the following negro slaves: Charles, Prince, John, Henry, Dave, Esau, Wilson, Lazarus, Levant, Moggy, Barbary, Helen, Hester, Elisa, Judy, Hannah & her children, and Dapha & her children, which slaves are now in possesion of Mrs. Emily L. Bacot, guardian of Mariah Louisa Bacot, and were inherited by her from her father’s estate.  This property is conveyed to Julius A. Dargan, in trust for the sole and separate use and benefit of Mariah during the joint lives of Mariah and Theodore, with the power to sell at the direction and for the benefit of Mariah, for the survivor of the marriage, and then vested absolutely in the surviving issue of the marriage.  Wit. P. A. Bacot, Thos.W. Bacot.  Pr. Nov. 16, 1844.  Rec.  Nov. 16, 1844.


O-469.  Mortgage.  Apr. 3, 1844.  To secure his debt of $235.22, William Jeffords conveys to Benjamin Best a “certain Boy slave,” named Jacob, aged about 26 years.  If Jeffords pays his debt as agreed, the conveyance is void.  Wit. James G. Kelly.  Pr. May 2, 1844.  Rec. Dec. 11, 1844.


O-471-72. Trust Deed of Gift.  Sumter Dist., Nov. 12, 1844.  John Blunt Miller of Sumter Dist., planter, conveys to his daughter Miranda Eliza Scarborough, wife of William H. Scarborough, negroes Charles and his wife Linder, both aged between 20 and 30, and her son Frederick, aged between 6 and 7, and their future increase, in trust for her own separate use and then to her surviving child or children. Wit. Wm. M. DiLorme.  Pr. Sumter Dist., Nov. 12, 1844.  Rec. Dec. 13, 1844.


O-487-88.  Trust Deed.  Dec. 14, 1844.  John S. Huggins conveys negro slaves Sampson, Jude and Caroline (with the future increase of Jude and Caroline) to James H. Huggins, in trust for the use, possession and benefit of himself and his wife Zilpha Huggins, and then to the issue of the body of Zilpha Huggins.  Wit. John J. S. Huggins, Elizabeth L. A. Huggins.  Pr. Dec. 30, 1844.  Rec. Jan. 6, 1845.


O-500-01. Conveyance in Trust.  Chatham County, Georgia, Dec. 13, 1844.   For $100 to be paid out of the proceeds of bank stock due to him as trustee, Mary L. Wilkins conveys to S. B. Wilkins, trustee for his children under the will of her husband A. Wilkins, Sr., a boy Charles, son of Eliza.  Eliza is one of the negroe slaves divised by the will of her husband A. Wilkins, Sr. Charles is an infant not named in the will and under the residuary clause of the will he would be inherited by Mary.  Wit. J. K. Tefft, notary public. Rec. Feb. 3, 1845.  An excerpt from the will of Archibald Wilkins follows:  Archibald gives and bequeaths to his nephew Samuel B. Wilkins of the state of South Carolina, in trust for the child or children he may have living at the time of Archibald’s decease, stock in the Planters Bank of Georgia and the Central Rail Road and Banking Company of Savannah, and the following Negro slaves:  Theressa, Eliza, Cork and Harcules [sic], together with their future increase, in trust for the use, maintenance and education of S. B. Wilkins’ children until the youngest arrives at the age of 21 or is married.  Chatham Co., Georgia, signed A. Wilkins Senr.  Certified as a true extract from the last will of Archabald [sic] Wilkins Senr., late of Chatham Co., by Edmond G. Wilson, deputy clerk, Dec. 11, 1844.  Statement:  “I have delivered the property mentioned in the above clause after the will of Archd. Wilkins Senr. to Saml. B. Wilkins Trustee &c. 12 Dec. 1844.  Rec. Feb. 3, 1845.


O-507-08 Mortgage.  Jan. 1, 1845.  To secure a bond in the amount of $1450 conditioned for the payment of $725 in two payments, Samuel J. Ervin conveys to John W. Ervin of Sumter Dist., three Negro slaves:  Ann and her two children Grace and Sam, being the same slaves which John W. Ervin sold to Samuel J. Ervin on this date.  Conveyance is void if Samuel J. Ervin pays his debt as agreed. Wit.  James Bell.  Pr.  Feb. 12, 1845.  Rec.  Feb. 12, 1845.


O-532-33.  Trust Deed of Gift. Mar. 11, 1845,  William Gee conveys to John S. Huggins and James S. Gee, in trust for William’s daughter Mazelle A. Elizabeth Brockinton, wife of Richard L. Brockinton, three Negroes: Ann, aged about 20 years, Aaron, aged about 4, and Lydia, aged about 1, with their increase, for Mazelle’s separate posession, use and service during her lifetime, and then to her children.. Trustees are not to allow the Negroes or their increase to leave the state.  Wit.  Thos. N. Hewit, S. W. Morris.  Pr. Mar. 15, 1845. Rec.  Mar. 15, 1845.


O-552-54    Deed of Settlement and Trust.  Mar. 15, 1845.  To settle the equity case brought in Feb. 1845 by Mary Middleton against Levi G. S. Middleton, Levi G. S. Middleton and Mary his wife convey certain property, including negroes Carolina and David, (described in the bill of complaint of Mary Middleston as having been purchased with trust funds derived from the estate of the late Sarah McKab), to Mary S. Gallivant,  for her support, in place of the obligation of Elizabeth Josephine Lloyd (wife of William Lloyd), now deceased,  for the support of Mary S. Gallivant, with the excess of her support paid to Mary Middleton, wife of Levi G. S. Middleton.  If Mary Middleton dies without issue, the trust is then to go to Hannah Vaughan, according to the terms of the will of Sarah McKab.  Wit. Lewis M. Coker, Allison Smoot.  Pr. Mar. 27, 1845. Rec.  Apr. 7, 1845.


O-555-56.  Trust Deed. Apr. 9, 1845.   Pursuant to the order of equity court in Feb. 1844 in the case of Mary Reynolds and others against James Reynolds and others, that a fund set apart to Amos Windham and Sarah Windham, in the division of the estate of William Reynolds, deceased, be invested in the purchase of a Negro, and requiring the Negro so purchased to be conveyed to William Reynolds, in trust for the separate use of Sarah Windham, wife of Amos, for life and then to the survivor and then to their children, E. Augustus Law, equity commissioner, conveys in trust as described to William Reynolds, a negro boy named Tom, aged about 9 or 10 years, bought by him from George Mims, senior, pursuant to the order of the equity court.  Wit. Saml. J. Ervin.  Pr. Apr. 10, 1845.  Rec. Apr. 10, 1845.




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