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Deed Book U, 1862-1864 
U-2. Deed. Nov. 14, 1862. For $500, James D. Dalrymple of Sewanee County, Florida, conveys all his interest in the estate of his late uncle Robert D. Dalrymple of Darlington Dist. to Henry Dalrymple. The estate includes 10 Negroes: York, Jim, Dutchman, Abner, Rhoda, Jack, Lythia, Jinny and Mackey and other property identified in the inventory made by T. C. Law, D. S. Law, Geo. A. Norwood and Solomon Wright, three tracts of land, etc. Wit. E. Galloway, Robert Lewis. Pr. Nov. 14, 1863 [sic]. Rec. Dec. 31, 1862.

U-22. Trust Deed of Gift. Nov. 1, 1860. Robert Josey conveys a negro girl slave Caroline, three years old and her increase to Reuben Beasley, in trust for Robertís daughter Sarah E. Beasley, wife of Reuben, for her sole and separate use, and after her death to her issue. Wit. T. J. Josey, H. M. Josey. Pr. Nov. 1, 1862. Rec. Feb. 2, 1863.

U-23. Mortgage. Feb. 2, 1863. To secure a note of $2000 payable to Caleb Coker, Lewis DuPre conveys to Coker these slaves: Abner, a blacksmith; Dick, about 30 years old; Hettie, about 6 years; and Sally, about 4 years old. Conveyance is void if DuPre pays as agreed. Wit. R[obert]. Rogers. Pr. Feb. 2, 1863. Rec. Feb. 2, 1863. Marked Satisfied Feb. 1, 1864.

U-24. Mortgage. Feb. 2, 1863. To secure his bond of $1394.75 payable to the Commissioner in Equity of Darlington Dist., T. C. DuBose conveys to B. W. Edwards, commissioner, a negro slave named Emberry. If no default in made on the bond, the conveyance is void. Wit. John J. Russell. Pr. Feb. 4, 1863. Rec. Feb. 4, 1863.

U-31-32. Mortgage. Mar. 17, 1863. To secure her bond of $493.30 payable to B. W. Edwards, Commissioner in Equity of Darlington Dist., for which his friends John P. Wilson and Geo. W. Dargan are security, L. L. Dargan conveys to Wilson and Dargan, a negro slave named William. If no default is made on the bond, the conveyance is void. Wit. B. W. Edwards. Pr. Apr. 11, 1863. Rec. Apr. 11, 1863.

U-32-34. Trust Deed of Partition. Apr. 9, 1863. Pursuant to a suit in equity court to settle on Sarah L. Windham, wife of Jesse H. Windham, her portion of the estate of Benjamin Lucas, deceased, J. H. Windham and Sarah L. Windham purchased certain slaves at the sale of the estate of Benjamin Lucas, and they do now convey the slaves (and other sale proceeds in which Sarah is interested, which are held by the equity court) to J. O. B. Dargan, in trust for themselves jointly, the survivor of them, and the issue of the body of Sarah. The slaves so conveyed are Mary, Eliza, Lem, Milly and William, with the future increase of the females. Mention is made of a computation of the division of the estate made Jan. 16, 1863. Dargan is to use part of the proceeds of the cash accruing to Sarah to clear the mortgage on the Anderson tract which Jesse and Sarah recently purchased and where they now live. Wit. S. Wilds DuBose, W. J. Floyd. Pr. Apr. 15, 1863. Rec. Apr. 15, 1863.

U-35-36. Mortgage. May 4, 1863. To secure his promissory note for $1800 owing to William L. Brunson of Sumter Dist., trustee for Mrs. E. A. Brunson and her children, E. B. Brunson conveys to William L. Brunson, trustee, negro slaves Ellen and her four children Evan, Rowena [?], Tim and Cate, and their future increase. The conveyance is void if E. B. Brunson pays his debt as agreed. [No witnesses recorded]. Pr. May 4, 1863. Rec. May 4, 1863.

 U-44-45. Deed of Gift. Mar. 1, 1858. James D. Wright gives to his daughter Martha Ann Wright negro slaves Mily, a negro woman aged 27; Jane, aged 7; and Margaret, aged 1 William G. Wright is named as trustee and the slaves are not to be subject to any of Martha Annís debts incurred or to be incurred. If Martha Ann dies without heirs of her body the slaves are to revert to James D. Wright or his estate. Wit. L. R. Wright, E. D. Wright. Pr. Jan. 5, 1863. Rec. May 4, 1863.

U-47-48. Deed. Mar. 16, 1863. William Byrd conveys to David C. Griggs 400 acres of land in Chesterfield Dist. on Pools Branch, part of a tract sold to Byrd by Lemuel Griggs on Mar. 16, 1855, bounded by lands of Joseph Norwood, McIntosh land, Crowleys land and Byrdís own land, as represented by a plat made by S. N. Atkinson Mar. 13, 1863. The conveyance is of an estate in the land consistent with orders in equity of the state chancellors. Those orders were given in answer to a petition to that court made Jan. 13, 1863 by David C. Griggs, Evaline Griggs and Mary Griggs, setting forth a former petition by David C. Griggs and Evaline Griggs stating the provisions of the will of John H. Griggs and the conditions in it relating to the slaves Caroline and young Rhody bequeathed to David C. Griggs. The petition also related the conditional sale of the said slave Caroline and the conditional purchase of a tract or parcel of land of 146 acres from Griffin Onails using the proceeds of the sale of Caroline. The original petition asked the court to confirm the conditional arrangements, which was granted on Feb. 26, 1861. Title was made by Griffin Onails to David C. Griggs (subject to a life estate of Mrs. Loudy Griggs in the homestead and 30 acres of the land.) The recent petition asked that Griggs be allowed to exchange the 146 acres with William Byrd for 400 acres in Chesterfield Dist., described above, and that petition was granted by the court Feb. 10, 1863. Griggs takes title to the 400 acres in Chesterfield subject to the same restrictions relating to the slave Caroline as applied to the 146 acres as ordered by the court. Wit. W. J. Floyd, Matthew Byrd. Pr. Mar. 16, 1863. Rec. May 4, 1863. [Byrd sold an additional 150 acres adjacent to this tract to Griggs on the same date. U-49-50.]

U-59. Deed of Gift. Jan. 12, 1863. Mills Vann gives to his daughter Mary Jane Dorrity, wife of Ladson Dorrity, a negro girl named Rose, aged about 16 years and her child Lucy aged about 4 months, with their increase. Rose and Lucy are the only negro property Vann intends to give to Mary Jane, his other negroes are to be divided among his other children after his death. Wit. J. A. Fort, A. R. Vann. Pr. Jan. 26, 1863. Rec. May 4, 1863.

U-76. Deed of Gift. Feb. 7, 1863. Solomon Wright gives to his son J. B. Chapel Wright two negro slaves Caleb a boy about 10 years and Rachel a girl about 9 years with her increase. If J. B. C. Wright dies, his wife Rachel O. has the right to sell or dispose of the negroes by will, not subject any future husband of hers. Wit. Solon Hunter, E. B. Brunson, Jr. Pr. Feb. 7, 1863. Rec. May 30, 1863.

 U-78-81. Division of Property. Mar. 17, 1862. Pursuant to equity cases brought by Peter C. Coggeshall and wife and Samuel H. Wilds vs. Julia F. Wilds administratrix and other heirs of Peter A. Wilds, and Peter C. Coggeshall and wife and Samuel H. Wilds vs. Julia F. Wilds administratrix and other heirs of Peter A. Wilds and John Terrell Wilds, a division of the estates of Peter A. Wilds and John Terrell Wilds is made. Julia F. Wilds is entitled to one third of her late husband Peter A. Wildsí estate, with the seven children each entitled to 1/7 of 2/3. Son John T. Wilds is now dead and so his brothers and sisters are each entitled to 1/6 of his estate. A partial division was previously made to Peter C. Coggeshall in right of his wife, one of the children. It is the opinion of the commissioners that no further division of land or stock can be made at this time, and so a sum of money is to be paid to Alexander S. Lide, trustee of Leighton W. Lide (in right of Leightonís wife, one of the heirs). Various land is described, including the Springville tract, the C. Isgate land, the Back Swamp land, the Moye land, the J. Isgate land, the Robert P. Lide place, and the Bozeman land. The negroes set apart to the five younger children are appraised as follows: Harriet and child Mactelius $600; Thomas $500; Wiley $500; Derry $500; Neil $400; Scott $235; Henry $1000; Mary $500; Sylvia $700; Amos $800; Henry Jr. $600; Toby $450; Minda $300; Simon $225; Rina $200; Liza $0; Charles $700; Thomas $500; Resa [?] $250; Sylvia $150; Sharper $125; Sandy $1000; Hagar $850; Roshaw $500; Henrietta $225; Charity $200; Jackson $150; Rose $300; Wesley $700; Daniel $500; Ellen $700; Chaney $300; Israel $1000; Lit. Rose & child $700; Joe $600; Maria $275; Ella $200; Derry $150; Charlotte $0; July $0; Dan $350; Sam $450; Richard $400; Moses $1000; total $19,775. The share of Julia E. Lide, wife of Leighton W. Lide is 1/5 or $3955. Set aside to Alexander S. Lide, trustee of Leighton W. Lide and wife are Hagar $850; Rashaw $500; Henrietta $225; Charity $200; Jackson $150; Ellen $700; and Moses $1000; total $3625, with a deficiency in her share of $330. The other four children Mary Ann D. Wilds, Sallie W. Wilds, Peter Saml. Wilds, and Robert Allison Wilds are each to pay 1/4 of this deficiency. The balance of the estate is to remain together for Julia F. Wilds and her four younger children. Signed E. J. Lide, John Josey, H. Williamson, P. C. Coggeshall. Confirmed by John A. Inglis, Mar. 18, 1862. Certified by B. W. Edwards, equity commissioner, May 27, 1862. Rec. June 1, 1863.

U-84-86. Division of Property. Feb. 7, 1857. The heirs at law of the late James Bozeman agreed Dec. 23, 1856 to divide his property. The heirs are Elizabeth Bozeman, his wife, and John Bozeman, Jesse Bozeman, Mary Brachir [?], John D. Flowers and Lucretia Flowers. The estate consists of 1169Ĺ acres of land valued at $5847.50; stock, horses, furniture, etc. valued at $1532.91; and 13 negroes: Jinny, Pauldo [?], Sandy, Maria, Ransom, Rachel, Sam, Dave, Molsy, Charity, Charlotte, Laura, Juda valued at $6925; for a grand total of $14,305.41. To Mary Bracher: 242 acres of land where she now lives apportioned to her by a plat dated Oct. 1, 1837, and two negroes Ransom and Maria, and other perishable property, for her lifetime and then to be sold and divided among her three daughters Elizabeth Flowers, Lucretia Brachir and Harriet Bracher. To Lucretia Flowers and husband John D. Flowers: tract of land where they now live marked in the plat above as the Stephen Clifton land of 237 acres; a negro boy Dave and other property, for their lifetimes and then to the other heirs (survivorship instructions follow). To John Bozeman: tract of land of 291 acres he now lives on, run out for him by his father in his lifetime by the said plat; also three negroes Rachel, Molsy and her child Charity. To Jesse Bozeman: tract of land where he now lives of 399Ĺ acres (upon this tract Mrs. Elizabeth Bozeman now lives at the old homestead of James Bozeman deceased with a lifetime interest in it and then to Jesse); three negroes Jinny, Pauldo [Vauldo?], and Sandy. To Mrs. Elizabeth Bozeman: four negroes Sam, Charlotte and two children Laura and Juda; her life interest in the old homestead as mentioned, and perishable property. Signed by the commissioners who made the division: James A. Williams, Jonah T. Vann, Thos. E. Howle, Joseph D. Wells. To equalize the shares of land various adjustments are made and agreed to by the heirs. Wit. Jas. P. Wilson, W. B. Fraser. Rec. July 9, 1863.

U-91. Deed of Gift. Apr. 10, 1862. Jacob Kelly Sr. gives to his grandson Jacob Kelly Jr. a negro man Daniel [also called a negro boy Daniel]. Wit. G. F. Hurst, Stephen Woodham. Pr. May 9, 1862. Rec. [n.d.]

U-92-3. Marriage Settlement. June 26, 1863. Contemplating a marriage between Robert Napier of Marion Dist. and Caroline M. Killen, widow of James F. Killen, Carolineís interest in the land and personal estate (described in an inventory made by J. J. Russell, ordinary of Darlington Dist. and recorded in his office) of her late husband, to be held by Napier in trust for her sole use and then to her issue. If she dies without issue and no will, the property is to go to her brothers James Haselden, John Haselden, Stephen Haselden, William H. Haselden and her nephews R. Y. Gregg, son of A. L. Gregg deceased and her brother Edward Haselden and her sister Elizabeth James. Wit. W. W. Harllee, G. W. Terrell. Pr. Marion Dist., June 26, 1863. Rec. Sept. 4, 1863.

U-103-04. Mortgage. July 8, 1863. To secure his bond of $3000 guaranteeing the payment of a debt of $1500 due with interest May 1, 1865, John W. Lee conveys to Eli Odom, guardian of B. F. Odom, negro slaves Hagar, Betsey and Louisa, with their future issue. The conveyance is void if Lee pays his debt as agreed. Wit. Wm. K. Ryan. Pr. July 10, 1863. Rec. July 12, 1863.

U-113-15. Marriage Settlement. Sept. 19, 1863. Contemplating a marriage between Mary Ann Nettles and John W. Harrington, Mary Annís interest in negro slaves is conveyed in trust for her to Joseph E. Nettles. Joseph E. Nettles presently has possession of the property subject to the provisions of two deeds, one executed by J. B. Nettles and Hannah McGee (now Hannah Nettles) and Saml. L DuBose dated Oct. 5, 1832; and the other deed executed by J. B. Nettles to Mary S. Cannon, John R. DuBose, Charlotte M. DuBose, Ann C. DuBose and Saml. L. DuBose dated July 26, 1851. By these deeds the slaves and their increase are secured to the use of J. B. and Hannah M. Nettles for life and then to the survivor with the remainder after the death of the survivor to their children in equal shares, Mary Ann being a child of J. B. and Hannah M. Nettles is entitled to a share of the property upon the death of her father and mother and by possibility to the whole of the property. The conveyance is made in trust for Mary Annís sole and separate use and then in equal shares to her children. Wit. B. C. Norment, T. W. Nettles.Pr. Sept. 21, 1863. Rec. Oct. 20, 1863. Schedule of property. Sept. 19, 1863. Slaves referred to under the deed between J. B. Nettles, Hannah M. Nettles (formerly Hannah McGee), and Saml. L. DuBose: Irt, Lizzie, Isaiah, Laura, Longer, Nell, Allen, Hepsy, Dick, Silvy, Lena Sr., Satine [?], Queen, Catharine, Josaphine, Clarissa, Frankey, Harry, Richard, Rosanna, Elliot, Jerry, Sarah, Rena, Lena Jr., John, Lud, Marion, Jimmy, Vany [?], Phillis, Jesse, Dora, Hartwell, Miley, Dinah, Marcus, Rose, Mary, Charlotte, Minerva, Maria, Oscar, Sepus Jr. [?], Spencer, Gustin, Elenor, Adaline, Pleasant, Sephus Sr., Alick, Warwick, Stephen, Harry, Granville, Isabella, Lud, Jim Jr. Slaves referred to under the deed of J. O. B. Nettles [sic] to Mary S. Cannon, John R. DuBose, Charlotte M. DuBose, Ann C. DuBose and Saml. L. DuBose: Sallie, Albert, Susannah, Phillip, Leighton, Hatty, Ella, Harriet, Lizzy, Mary, Hester, Fanny, Ricseh [?], Miley, Gusten [?]. Wit. B. C. Norment, T. W. Nettles. Pr. Sept. 21, 1863. Rec. Oct. 20, 1863.

 U-120-22. Marriage Settlement. Nov. 10, 1863. Contemplating a marriage between Ada W. Bacot and Thomas A. G. Clark, lieutenant of the provision army of the Confederate States, Adaís property is conveyed in trust to Peter S. Bacot, including a plantation where she now lives on the north side of Black Creek, containing 700 acres, adjacent to B. F. Williamson and Mrs. Emily W. Bacot, and the following slaves: Charles, Hannah, Dave, Peggy, John, Clarissa, Henrietta, Davis, Joseph, Levan, Nilia [?], Zack, Henry, Stella, Alston, Laura, Daphna, Massy, John, Sylvia, Patrick, Ann Eliza, Savary, Albert, Mose, Elly, Sylvia [Lyria in schedule] and Alice, as well as crops and stock on the estate of her mother the late Anna Jane Bacot in Mississippi, as well as certain negroes bequeathed to her by the will of the late Mary A. Brockenton to ---- Mason and to go to the children of Peter S. Bacot upon certain contingencies therein mentioned, as well as stock in the Wilmington and Manchester Rail Road. The trust is established for Adaís benefit and survivorship directions are given, mentioning Adaís brother Richard H. Bacot. Wit. A. Moore, T. L. Bacot, A. J. W. Bacot. Pr. Nov. 26, 1863. Schedule repeats property, dated Nov. 10, 1863. Wit. A. Moore, T. L. Bacot, A. J. W. Bacot. Rec. Nov. 26, 1863.

U-156-57. Deed of Trust. Mar. 16, 1864. Under the will of John Crowley, provision was made to secure the portion of his estate which would go to his daughter Mary E. King, wife of James King. In the division of the estate agreed to by the heirs, the negro slaves Cinda and her child Rose and their future increase were given to Mary. Cinda and Rose are now conveyed to C. J. Flinn in trust for the sole use of Mary and not subject to the debts of this or any future husband, and then to her heirs. Wit. W. J. Floyd. Pr. Apr. 6, 1864. Rec. May 6, 1864.

U-163-64. Oct. 13, 1863. At the request of his wife Sarah J. Bacot, Peter S. A. Bacot sells to John R. Cannon of Marion Dist., trustee under their Marriage Settlement dated Feb. 23, 1860, a boy January for $1400, funds in the Darlington commissionerís office arising from the estate of Sarahís father George H. Fountain. If those funds are insufficient to mate $1400, Peter will sell the boy January for the sum available to Sarah from the proceeds of her fatherís estate. Cannon is to hold January as trustee under the Marriage Settlement. Wit. Robert H. Fountain. Pr. Oct. 13, 1863. Letter from Sarah J. Bacot to John R. Cannon directing him to make the purchase, and noting that Cannon had already received from the estate of George H. Fountain $1079.89 on her behalf. Wit. Robert H. Fountain. Pr. Oct. 13, 1863. Rec. Feb. 8, 1864.