Bill of Sale. May 6, 1789. William Lide conveys Negroes Jack and Beck and their increase to Erasmus Powe for 200 sterling.

Bill of Sale. Sept. 4, 1789. Elizabeth Mason conveys seven Negroes Harry, Sue, Hanny [sic], Liberty, Provey, Cress and Lucy to James Hart for 230 sterling.

Deed of Gift. June 1, 1789. Charles Price conveys tracts of land to Charles Price, Shadrach Price, William Price and Joshua Price. Joshua Price also receives a negro called Jack.

Mortgage. Apr. 15, 1779. To secure payment of a bond of 6200 on or before Oct. 1, 1779, James Hayes conveys to Malachi Sanders three Negroes Charles, Canvass, and Sarah and their increase.

Mortgage. Dec. 17, 1789. To secure notes of 730/10 sterling due in produce at Georgetown by the last of April 1790 and of 538/1/7 stg. due the same way by the last of April 1791, James Brown conveys to Giles Richard and Co., chard makers in Boston, land in Swensey, Massachusetts, a town lot in Greenville, Cheraw Dist., two Negroes Frank and Grace and other effects.

Bill of Sale. Oct. 20, 1788. James Irwin sells to John Irwin for 20 stg. a Negro Cella.

Bill of Sale. Aug. 7, 1789. Randell Revill sells to Michael Revill for 120 stg. a Negro Peter.

Bill of Sale. Aug. 7, 1789. Randell Revill sells to Mattew Revill for 173 stg. a negro boy Jack aged 5, a boy Pompey aged 11, and other effects.

Receipt. Oct. 25, 1791. Thomas Connell gives the administrators of the estate of Simon Connell, deceased, a receipt and discharge for his portion of the said estate, consisting of a Negro man Carolina, a Negro girl Nancy, and sundry other things.

Deed of Gift. June 1, 1792. Thomas Kennedy Sr. gives to Margaret Kennedy a negro woman slave Lydia for her lifetime and then to her lawful heirs of her body. In default of Margaret's heirs, then to her sister Jane Kennedy, and in default of Jane, to the next heir of the Kennedys.

Mortgage. July 25, 1792. Job Kellum mortgages a Negro boy Flanders and other property as security for the payment of 31/10 stg., due to Russill by Aug. 25 next with interest.

Bill of Sale. Sept. 18, 1792. Jesse Rigistor sells to William Witherington for 60 stg. a negro fellow Dick, about 22 years old with the mark of a mulberry on his forehead.

Deed of Gift. Mar. 25, 1793. Thomas Speight of Burke Co., Ga., gives to Nancy King, Sarah King and John King, a Negro girl named Patt, aged between 13 and 14 years with her future increase, to be equally divided among them when John King comes to maturity.
Deed of Gift. Jan. 11, 1793. For good will and affection and five shilling stg., Elizabeth Picket conveys a Negro girl Lucy to Susannah Williamson, a negro girl Judy to Josiah Williamson, and a Negro girl Hannah to Rizpah Williamson, with their future increase.

Deed of Gift. Jan. 11, 1793. For good will and affection and five shillings, Elizabeth Picket conveys to John Williamson and Jesse Williamson and the future increase of Milly Williamson, mother of John and Jesse, a Negro woman named Dorcas and her future increase, at the death of Elizabeth Picket.

Bill of Sale. Feb. 27, 1793. Nathaniel Sanders and Abel Goodwin sell to Henry Coggeshall for 110 a Negro man Nero, Negro boy Scip, Negro boy Bob, Negro boy London, negro woman Peg, and Negro girl Tina, with the future increase of the females.

Bill of Sale. May 24, 1793. Alexander Smith sells to Henry Coggeshall and John Mason Coggeshall for 75 a Negro man Dublin.

Bill of Sale. Aug. 3, 1793. Edward Wingate sells to John Stanley for 50 a Negro boy Joseph.

Bill of Sale. Aug. 5, 1793. Shadrach Williamson sells to John Stanley for 30 a Negro boy Ned, aged about 8 years.

Bill of Sale. Oct. 8, 1793. Daniel Myers sells to William Zimmerman for 50 stg. a negro wench Phebe, aged about 17 years.

Bill of Sale. Sept. 8, 1793. Samuel Burris sells to William Zimmerman for 25 a Negro girl Beckey, aged about 8 years.

Deed of Gift. Nov. 16, 1793. John Record of Moore Co., North Carolina, for good causes and valuable considerations conveys to Mary Hill, wife of Michael Hill, a Negro woman Pheribah and her children Lue? [Sue] and James.

Bill of Sale. Feb. 20, 1794. Randolph Revill sells to Matthew Revill for 300 a "likely negro boy" Pompey aged about 14, 150 acres where Randolph now lives with the mill thereon, and other property.

Deed of Gift. Apr. 16, 1792. James Russell Sr. gives to James Russell (son of Stephen), a negro boy Jesse, aged about 3 years.

Mortgage. Nov. 12, 1794. To secure the payment of 180 with interest due by Jan. 1, 1797 in three payments, Lewis Malone gives to Solomon Cohen a mortgage for nine negroes: Jephtah, Jane, Cealia, Dilly? [Dolly?], John, Isam, Violet, Rachel and Dick, with the future increase of the females.

Bill of Sale. July 17, 1794. Christopher Reynolds sells to Benjamin Wright Jr., for 57/10 stg. a young negro woman Juday.
Deed of Gift. Sept. 10, 1794. Joshua Register Sr. gives to Joshua Register, Jr., 100 acres of land where Joshua Sr. lives, a negro woman Nan and a younger negro woman Hesster [sic] and other property.

Mortgage. Jan. 12, 1795. To secure the payment of 231 6d stg. by Jan. 1, 1796, Elisabeth Fort mortgages five negro slaves Jacob, Charlotte, Sam, Jin and Sarah with her or their future issue to James Hart and Adam Marshall.

Bill of Sale. Jan. 26, 1795. Edmond Sexton sells to William Sexton for 250 stg. three Negroes Betty, Hannah and a boy Winter, with other property.

Bill of Sale. Feb. 16, 1795. Elizabeth Reynolds sells to Thomas Livingston a Negro man Peter for 50.

Mortgage. Sept. 16, 1794. To secure payment of 46/17 within 18 months, Amos Windham mortgages to Thomas Mercer a Negro man James.

Mortgage. Feb. 27, 1795. To secure payment of a bond of 99/2 stg. with interest, Jacob Buckholts Jr. gives to Heriot and Tucker a mortgage of two negro men Mark and Tom.

Bill of Sale. Feb. 6, 1795. John M'Crea sells to Robert Ellison for 40 each, six Negroes: Glascow, about 40 years; girl Dinah, about 16 years; boy Jack, about 14 years; boy Peter, about 12 years; girl Sukey about 10 years; girl Delia, about 4 years.

Bill of Sale. Feb. 6, 1795. Vincent Simmons sells to James Chandler for 70 stg., a negro woman Silver and two small female children, Jin about 4 years and another one year old, and an old negro woman named Jiney.

Bill of Sale. May 19, 1795. William McDowell sells to Davenport Taylor a Negro boy Toby for 27 stg.

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Memorialized Records, 1789 - 1795
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