Deed Book CD, 1811-1812
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CD-58. Deed of Gift. Jan. 3, 1811. Mary Ann Dubose, widow, gives to her son William D. B. Dubose, a negro woman Siller with her increase (if any) and personal property, retaining the use of them until William P. B. is 21 years old. Wit. Margaret Dubose, Benjamin Dubose. Pr. May 16, 1811. Rec. Apr. 25, 1811.

CD-90-91. Deed of Gift. Oct. 8, 1811. Thomas Richardson gives to his son Joseph Richard, planter, five negroes: a woman Suck, man Marchant, man Dave, girl Quam [?] and girl Jude. Wit. Elijah Walters, Rebecca Walters. Pr. Oct. 8, 1811. Rec. Jan. 9, 1812.

CD-100-01. Deed of Gift. Jan. 9, 1812. Nathaniel Piggot of Marion Dist, planter, gives his daughter Catharine Cooper of Darlington Dist. and the heirs of her body a negro girl Katurach. If Catharine dies without heirs of her body, Katurach [also Katurah] is to revert to Piggot or his estate. Wit. William McDowel, John B. Muldrow. Pr. Jan. 13, 1812. Rec. Jan. 13, 1812.

CD-128-29. Deed of Gift. June 24, 1805. Ann Fort [called widow in proof] gives to her son Joseph John Fort a negro woman Beck, negro boy Needom, a colt and $150. Ann Fort reserves to use of Beck during her own lifetime. Wit. H[orman]. Holleyman, John Rogerts, Nancy Coleman. Pr. Jan. 3, 1806. Rec. Jan 20, 1812.

CD-174. Bill of Sale. Clay Co., Kentucky, Feb. 25, 1812. For $1600, Egbert Fort of Clay Co, Kentucky, sells to Elias Fort of Darlington Dist. eight negroes: Jim, Ivy, Peter, Thamer, Bet and her three children. Pr. Abner Baker, clerk of co. court of Clay Co., Kentucky, certifies it was acknowledged by Egbert Fort in his office, Feb. 25, 1812. Rec. Mar. 9, 1812.

CD-222-23. Deed of Gift. Mar. 18, 1797. Charles Price, planter, gives to his wife Martha and their children Shadrach, Martha, William, Joshua, Elender, Cornelius, John Inman Perdue [?], various property. His land is reserved for his and his wife's use during their lifetimes, and then to his sons. To hs children, to be equally divided between them, a negro fellow Jeremiah and a negro wench Chesha. Chesha is to remain in his wife's care during her life or widowhood as the children's property and then to be sold and the money equally divided among the children. Price gives to his children Ann Blackman, Isabel Price, Charles Price, Mary Forgason, Jane Kelly, Elizabeth Linton, 20 shillings each. Wit. Joshua Jones, Stephen Truett. Pr. Mar. 20, 1797. Recorded the first time in Book B no. 2, pp. 66-69, June 22, 1797. Recorded in this book, July 28, 1812.

CD-234-35. Deed of Gift. Sept. 24, 1811. Richard Horn, Jr., gives to his daughter Pathena Windham and the heirs of her body a negro wench Roda and child Candis, and a negro boy Bays, with their future increase, and a plantation of 600 acres, after the death of himself and her mother Elizabeth Horn. If Pathena dies without issue, then the negroes and their increase are to be equally divided between himself and the daughters of the said Elizabeth Horn by her former husband. Wit. William Zimmerman, Benjamin Morris. Pr. March 19, 1812. Rec. Aug. 11, 1812.
CD-245-46. Bill of Sale. [no date]. Stephen Gardiner of Marion Dist., for $2100, sells to Bright Williamson of Darlington Dist., 7 Negroes: Lenah, Jack, Stephen, Suckey, Dice, Allen and Rose. Wit. John Standard. Pr. Sept. 7, 1812. Rec. Sept. 12, 1812.