Deed Book A, 1806-1808
A-5. Bill of Sale. March 10, 1806. Joseph Vickers sells to Elias Vickers four head of horses and six negros by the names of Hager, Pashe, George, Moses, Sam, Bob, and other property. [Consideration not given.] Wit. Stephen Morris, Benjamin Morris. Pr. May 10, 1806. Rec. July 8, 1806.

A-6. Bill of Sale. July 18, 1806. Elizabeth Ellison, Joseph Woods and Simon Connell (administrators of the estate of General Robert Ellison) sell to Elias Vickers two negroes Adam and Moses. Wit. Wm. H. Cannon, Stephen Morris. Pr. July 18, 1806. Rec. July 18, 1806.

A-8-10. Mortgage. Feb. 26, 1806. To secure his bond of even date to John and James Hunter in the amount of £90/6/8 stg., conditional for the payment of £45/3/4 stg. due to them on or before Jan. 1, 1807, Austin Temple conveys to John and James Hunter two Negro boys named Simon and Gib, about 3 years old and one year old. The conveyance is void if the debt is paid as agreed. Wit. Richard Rollings, John Weaver. Pr. Feb. 26, 1806. Rec. July 27, 1806.

A-99-100. Bill of Sale. Dec. 27, 1805. Laban Bacot sells to Peter H. Bacot for $650 two Negroes Chloe and her son Jo [sic]. Wit. Nicholas Powers, Samuel Bacot. Pr. Oct. 20, 1806. Rec. Nov. 9, 1806.

A-129-30. Bill of Sale. July 9, 1804. Zachariah Nettles sells to Robert Nettles for $1200 three Negroes Peter, Titus and Joe. Wit. John McCown. Pr. Sept. 11, 1804. Rec. Dec. 26, 1806.

A-135-36. Bill of Sale. Oct. 29, 1804. For $125, John King conveys his half interest in a Negroe man Ned to William Garner, executor, and Elizabeth Garner, executrix of the estate of John Garner junior, deceased. Wit. Elias Fortt, Standley Hall. Pr. May 1, 1806. Rec. Dec. 27, 1806.

A-141-42. Deed of Gift. Jan. 1, 1807. Daniel Britt conveys to his wife Mary Britt and the heirs of her body all his real and personal estate, including Negroes: a man Prince, woman Milley, and woman Hannah, with their increase from this date, a plantation on Jeffries Creek, and other property, all to be divided equally between their children after her death, he to retain their use in his lifetime. Wit. William Connell, Thomas McColl. Pr. Jan. 8, 1807. Rec. [n. d.].

A-142-43. Receipt. Oct. 29, 1806. Austin Temples sold to James Bostick for $800 four Negro slaves: Dilcy, a woman about 21, and her three sons Cary, a boy about 6, Simon, a boy about 4, and Gib, a boy about 18 mos. Wit. Samuel Parnal, Thomas Poke. Pr. Feb. 14, 1807. Rec. Feb. 16, 1807.

A-173. Bill of Sale. May 5, 1805. Edward Burch of Marion District sells to John F.Wilson two Negroes: a wench and child named Betty and Dianna. Wit. Roderick Currie, Athalina [Athalinda in proof] Brochy. Pr. Jan. 20, 1806. Rec. March 14, 1807.

A-177-78. Mortgage. Mar. [blank], 1807. To secure his obligation of Mar. 3, 1807 for $428.32, conditioned for the payment of $214.16, with interest from Jan. 1, 1808, due to John Taylor, Jr. of George Town, merchant, James McDonald of Marlborough Dist. conveys to Taylor a Negro fellow Moses. The conveyance is void if McDonald pays his obligation as agreed. Wit. James R. Ervin, John D. Witherspoon. Pr. March [blank] 1807. Rec. Mar. 19, 1807.

A-275-78. Mortgage. July 10, 1807. To secure bonds signed or co-signed by George Wilds and William Collie guaranteeing Jesse Evans’ appearence in the Court of Common Pleas singly and Jesse Evans’ and James McDonald’s appearnce jointly in the Court of Common Pleas, Evans conveys to Wilds as his bail seven Negroes named Nell, Binah, Till, Amey , Mingo, Moses and Azinia. The conveyance is void if Evans saves and indemnifies Wilds from all costs arising from the lawsuits. Wit. James Robert Ervin. Pr. July 10, 1807. Rec. July 27, 1807.

A-283. Receipt. July 24, 1807. Austin Temples sold to James Bostick for $400 a negroe man Richmond aged 22 or 23. Wit. Jesse Herring, Amey Herring. Pr. July 28, 1807. Rec. Aug. 4, 1807.

A-332-33. Receipt. Mar. 25, 1807. Jordan Sanders sold to Thomas Andrews for $412.50 a Negroe boy slave Ralph, aged about 14 years. Wit. Geo. Bruce, Allen Cooley. Pr. Mar. 25, 1807. Rec. Sept. 4, 1807.

A-360-61. Bill of Sale. July 11, 1807. Elizabeth Ellison, Simon Connell and Joseph Woods, administrators of the estate of Robert Ellison sell to William Gee for $600 a boy George, aged about 11, and a girl Sukky, aged about 9. Wit. Charles Gee, Thomas Gee. Pr. Oct. 19, 1807. Rec. Oct. 20, 1807.

A-377-78. Bill of Sale. Jan. 12, 1808 [sic]. Simon Connell sells for $500 to Thomas B. Connell, planter, two Negroes: Mary, a woman about 16 years of age and her child Phebe, about 6 months of age. Wit. Wm. H. Cannon, Adam Stewart. Pr. Jan. 8, 1807. [sic]. Rec. Jan. 25, 1808 [1807 overwritten 1808].

A-385. Bill of Sale. Oct. 8, 1805. John Garner sells for $370 to Absalom Garner a negro woman “well known” by the name of Sooky, aged about 16 or 17 years, with her increase (if any). Wit. Jos. Holding, Austin Temple. Pr. Oct. 12, 1805. Recorded in Book A no. 11, pages 352-53. Rec. Feb. 4, 1808.

A-404-5. Deed of Gift. Mar. 5, 1808. Kindred Hollyman conveys to Seth Bennett, in trust for Isabella Bennett and her heirs, a negroe girl Polly, aged about 3 years, of a yellow “complection.” Wit. Jacob Hudson, Sarah Cruthirds. Pr. Mar. 5, 1808. Rec. Apr. 9, 1808.

A-435. Bill of Sale. Mar. 18, 1808. Timothy Dargan sell for $500 to Thomas B. Connell, a negro man named Jack. Wit. Jos. Woods, Wm. H. Cannon. Pr. Mar. 21, 1808. Rec. Apr. 26, 1808.

A-444. Bill of Sale. May 26, 1807. Richard Brockenton and John McIntosh, administrators of the estate of James Hart, for $350 sell to Alexander Sparks a negro woman named Daelah [sic]. Wit. Th: Dewitt. Pr. Oct. 9, 1807. Rec. Apr. 21, 1808.

A-457. Deed of Gift. June 10, 1804. John Powell gives to his granddaughter Elizabeth Moore, a negroe girl named Fillis, “as her real right of inheritance,” then to the issue of her body, if any, if none to her brothers and sisters (if any), if none to her nearest kin “in equal degree of the side of her mother.” Wit. Henry Moore, James Powell. Pr. June 21, 1804. Rec. June 30, 1808.
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