Deed Book E, 1813-1814
E-21-22. Bill of Sale. Dec. 26, 1812. Geo. Bruce sells for $500 to Abel Rogers a negro man slave named Will. Wit. Samuel Wingate, John Killen. Pr. Dec. 26, 1812. Rec. Jan. 25, 1813.

E-42. Bill of Sale. Feb. 16, 1813. Received of Peter Jordan, $485, for a negro lad Phill, aged about 18 years. Signed Joachim Hudson. Wit. Wm. Zimmerman. Pr. Mar. 13, 1815. [no rec. date.]

E-60. Bill of Sale. Jan. 30, 1813. Received of Thomas Andrews, $368, for a negro girl slave Penelope, about 17 or 18 years old. Signed John Beard. Wit. Spencer Harrell, Elijah Hudson. Pr. Feb. 29, 1813 [sic]. Rec. May 10, 1813.

E-77-78. Bill of Sale. Oct. 23, 1811. Arthur King and his wife Elizabeth King sell to Lewis King for $500, three Negroes: girl Disey and two children, a boy Henderson and a girl Teasey. Wit. Geo. King, Hillsmon Hill. Pr. Chesterfield Dist., Mar. 10, 1813. Rec. May 12, 1813.

E-85. Deed of Gift. Sept. 15, 1812. Kindred Hollemon gives to Mason Bennett a Negro boy Dan, for her lifetime, then to return to Kindred Bennett and his heirs. Mason’s husband Seth Bennett states that agreements Mason made heretofore are void. Wit. William Warren, Joel Spier. Pr. Mar. 16, 1813. Rec. May 21, 1813.

E-118-19. Deed of Gift. Apr. 22, 1813. Edward Woodham of Salem Co. in Sumter Dist., farmer, gives to his grandson Asa Woodham of Darlington Dist. near McCullums Ferry, single, a negro man now in Edward’s possession in said county, named Fortune, aged about 20 years, which before signing he has delivered to Asa. Wit. Jehu Mixon, Rigdon Belk, Charles Beasley. Pr. Darlington Dist., Aug. 3, 1813. Rec. Aug. 4, 1814.

E-140-41. Deed of Gift. Sept. 29, 1813. John Garner, Sr., gives his son Absalom Garner negroes: Moses, Celah, Emela, Nancy, Ned, Lewis, Arthur and George, and their future increase. Wit. J. D. [J. D. W. in proof] Zimmerman, Andrew Muldrow. Pr. Oct. 6, 1813. Rec. Dec. 27, 1813.

E-141-43. Deed of Gift. Sept. 29, 1813. John Garner, Sr., gives his son William Garner negroes: old Jerry, Juda, young Jerry, old Peter, Rispah, Salla, Peggy, and Simon Peter [one person] and their future increase. Wit. J. D. W. Zimmerman, Andrew Muldrow. Pr. Oct. 6, 1813. Rec. Dec. 27, 1813.

E-145-46. Deed of Gift. Sept. 29, 1813. John Garner, Sr., gives his daughter Elizabeth Standley, Negroes: Lucy, Aggy, Toney, and Voilet [sic], and their future increase. Wit. J.D. W. Zimmerman, Andrew Muldrow. Pr. Oct. 6, 1815. Rec. Jan. 4, 1814.

E-178-79. Deed of Gift. Jan. 22, 1812. Sally Hickson gives to her children Eli Hickson, Levi Hickson, Sally Hickson and John Hickson, share and share alike, a negro wench named Sarah and her son Albert, with Sarah’s future increase. Sally reserves to herself a life estate in Sarah and Albert and Sarah’s future increase. Wit. A. Brown, Anne Brown. Pr. by Alpheus [sic] Brown, Feb. 5, 1814. Rec. Mar. 26, 1814.

E-193-95. Mortgage. Sept. 20, 1813. To secure a note for $875, John Dubose of Salem Co, SC, conveys to Samuel Dubose, negroes (with their increase): Jane and her children Prince, Cynthia, Eliza, Clem and Robart; and Statira and her children Ritia, Elsey, Doll and Peter. Conveyance is void if the note is paid as agreed. Wit. Jesse Melton. No Pr. Rec. Mar. 8, 1814.

E-196-97. Deposition. Oct. 8, 1814. Before Hugh Lide, justice, John Sanders Sr. and Henry King swear to certain facts: that Moses Speights was possessed of a negro Wench Barbara and child Jude and bequeathed them and their issue in his will to his daughter Patience Speights and her issue. Patience married John King and had children: Nancy who married Jethro Spicy, Sarah who married Abraham Williamson, and John King Jr. The will was lost or mislaid and the record made of it is believed burned in the court house fire. The deponents further testify that John King Sr. agreed to keep Barbara for his own use and buy a negro girl named Pat in her place. At the time of the division of the negroes, they consisted of Pat and her children Dick and Chloe; Jude and her child Lewis (that Nancy Spivey had and received to her part), the wench that Sarah Williamson had received to her part, the wench Pat that John King Jr. had and the three children Dick, Chloe and Lewis. Rec. Apr. 4, 1814.

E-236. Deed of Gift. Nov. 2, 1801. Daniel Currie gives his daughter Mary Ann Currie, four negroes named Jack, Cate, Sal and Doctor, for her lifetime and then with their increase to be divided between her lawful heirs. Wit. Patsey Adams, William Atkinson. Pr. May 5, 1814. Rec. June 6, 1814.

E-246-47. Mortgage. May 3, 1814. To secure his judgment bond of £45/13/8, Samuel Moore conveys to Alexander Sparks, via his agent Nathan Hanks, a negro boy Ned, aged about 7 years. The conveyance is void if Moore pays the debt with interest by Jan. 1 next. Wit. Geo. Bruce, Tho. W. Griffin. Pr. June 17, 1814. Rec. June 17, 1814.

E-252. Bill of Sale. May 20, 1814. John Thos. Smith sells to Copeland Price a negro man named Joe, a blacksmith, for $129. Wit. James McGarity, David Reynolds. Pr. by David Reynolds, Richland Dist., June 23, 1814. Rec. July 8, 1814.

E-257-58. Deed of Gift. Aug. 1, 1814. John Tho. Smith gives to his brother Samuel W. Smith, four negroes Joe, Sharp, Rachael and her child, Charles, and also $3000, due to him as his part of the estate of his father the late Col. John Smith. Wit. Zachariah Ellison, Jordan Sanders. Pr. Aug. 13, 1814. Rec. Aug. 13, 1814.

E-258-59. Deed of Gift. June 8, 1814. Andrew Hunter Sr. gives property to Leana Andrews and Satira Andrews, infant daughters of Mary Andrews. The property includes land granted to Andrew Hunter deceased and James Williamson [described], two cows and calves in the possession of Mary Andrews their mother, and half the household furniture in Mary’s possession, to be divided between them at Andrew’s death. Also, to Leana Andrews, a negro girl Amey, with her future increase, and to Satira Andrews, a negro girl Maria with her future increase. Wit. Sarah Williamson, Joshua Gardner, Geo. Bruce. Pr. Aug. 20, 1814. Rec. Aug. 23, 1814.
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