Deed Book I, 1823 - 1827 
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I-1.  Mortgage.  Jan. 10, 1823.  Silas Parker conveys Negro woman Nancy aged about 30 to George Bruce, to secure debt of $300, to be repaid with interest from Jan. 1 past, within one year.  Wit.  John Gibson, Abr. Gregg.  Pr. 21 June 1823.  Rec. 23 June 1823.


I-10.  Mortgage.  May 19, 1823.  Kinsey Brown and Elizabeth Brown his wife convey property of slaves, horses and household goods to Timothy D. Pettigrew to secure a debt of $1000.  Conveyance is null if $1000 is repaid with interest.  Negroes conveyed: Negro man slave Prosper, also Dery.  Woman slave Bess and boy Tonley [sic].  Four negro children Monday, Addeline, Joe and Rose.  Wit Saml. Fraser, James Lane.  Rec. Aug 16, 1823.


I-18. Bill of Sale.  Oct. 18, 1823.  Edith R. Woods sells negro woman Abigail, aged about 20, to Isham Frame Woods of Louisiana, for $357.  Wit. William Latta, Ezekial Goodson.  Pr. Oct. 20, 1823.  Rec. Oct. 20, 1823.


I-21-22.  Mortgage. Sept. 15, 1823.  Angus Gilchrist conveys negro blacksmith slave named Bennet, aged about 27, to Moses Sanders, to secure a debt of $265.71, to be repaid with interest before Sept. 1 next.  Wit.  Moses [?] B. Bruce, Charles Bruce.  Pr. Sept. 18, 1823.  Rec. Oct. 20, 1823.


I-26-27.  Bill of Sale.  Sept. 24, 1823.  Huger Stephenson sells to James Hunter for $1500 five Negroes:  Jim, man about 21 years; Pompey, man about 23 or 24 years; Tamer, woman about 26 years; Affey, girl about 13 years; Emey, girl about 10 years; with their future increase.  Wit.  Silas Cooper.  Pr. Oct. 2, 1823. Rec. Oct. 25, 1823.


I-73-74.  Deed of Gift.  Dec. 25, 1822 [year overwritten and difficult to make out].  Edith R. Woods to William Latta for $1.00 Negro girl slave Abigail, in trust for her daughter Ann B. Woods.  Profits from Abigail to be retained by Edith during her lifetime.  Wit. E[dmund]. Gee.  Pr. July 5, 1824.  Rec. July 5, 1824.


I-75-76. Deed of Gift.  Mar. 24, 1824.  Loami Brown for love and affection to two stepsons Jack Youbanks and James Youbanks, certain negroes.  To Jack:  Moses, Matilda, Rainey, and Henry.  To James:  Jack, Rose, Jennett and Aaron.  Loami retains use and management of during lifetime.  Wit.  Duke Kennington, Geo. Bruce.  Pr. June 7, 1824.  Rec. July 5, 1824.


I-77-78.  Deed of Gift.  Mar. 24, 1824.  Loami Brown for love and affection to William David Kennington, child of Brownís step daughter Betsey Kennington, to be shared with future issue of step daughter Betsey Kennington, Negro slaves: females Lidia and Drusilla, males Ned and Abram.  Retaining the use and management of said slaves during lifetime.  Wit. Duke Kennington, Geo. Bruce. Pr. June 7, 1824.  Rec. July 5, 1824.


I-79-80.  Deed of Gift.  June 2, 1824. Ezekial Caraway for love and affection toward  his children Amy and Ezekial Caraway, gives to Amy Negroes Vilet, Mark and Fillis with their increase, and other property, for her lifetime, then to son Ezekialís three youngest children, Willis, Martin and Elizabeth. Balance of property including two negroes Dick and Sam to son Ezekial.  Wit.  Arthur Pipkin, William Whitton.  Pr. June 3, 1824.  Rec. July 6, 1824.


I-86-87.  Mortgage.  July 31, 1824.  Robert Bruce, to secure a promissory note of $900 payable with interest July 31, 1832, conveys to John N. Williams a Negro woman Lena and her child Sue and a Negro woman Edey and her child Doll.  The conveyance is void if Bruce pays his obligation and if not, Williams can seize and sell to recover his principal and interest.  Wit. Thos. E. McIver, James W. Hill.  Pr. [n.d.]  Rec. Aug. 11, 1824.


I-102-03. Bill of Sale.  June 11, 1824.  Alexander J. Scott sells to Timothy D. Pettigrew for $500 Negro man Will.  Wit. Hugh E. Cannon.  Rec. [no date] 1824.


I-103-04.  Mortgage.  Jan. 15, 1822.  Thomas B. Connell conveys to Samuel Bacot, sheriff, Negro girl Silvey, to secure his appearance at Court of Common Pleas March next to answer to debt case brought against him by James Lane.  The conveyance is void if Connell complies with the requirements of the court.  Wit.  Silas Cooper. Pr. Oct. 4, 1824.  Rec. Oct. 29, 1824.


I-121.  Sheriff  Bill of Sale.  July 13, 1824.  Sheriff Samuel Bacot, to satisfy judgments against Kinsey Brown, sells to Timothy D. Pettigrew as the highest bidder at $400, the following Negroes: Derry, Prosper, Bess, Joe, Monday, Toney, Rose and Adeline.  Wit.  Elisha Rogers.  Pr. Dec. 13, 1824.  Rec. Dec. 13, 1824.


I-154-55.  Deed of Gift.  Sept. 17, 1824.  George King coveys negro woman Judy and her increase and negro boy Jim to his grandchildren John Thomas, Winney Bradshaw, Thomas Thomas, Celia Thomas, Pamelia Thomas, and the bodily heirs of Clary Suggs.  Negroes to remain in possession of Michael Thomas for his lifetime; if he dies before Delila [sic] comes of age or marries, they are to remain on his plantation until she does so, then to be equally divided.  Wit.  Gillum King, William King.  Pr. Nov. 6, 1824.  Rec. Mar. 25, 1825.


I-156.  Bill of Sale.  Aug. 28, 1824.  Timothy D. Pettigrew sells negro Will, aged about 22 years, dark complected, to Francis Hinds, for $500.  Wit. James S. Tuton. Rec. Mar.  25, 1825.


I-162.  Mortgage.  Feb. 9, 1825.  Samuel Fraser conveys to Pettigrew & Co., otherwise known as Timothy Pettigrew and Josiah Furman, negro fellow named Ben about 20 years old, to secure a debt of $189.  If Fraser repays with interest by Oct. 15 next, conveyance is void.  Wit. Geo. W. Dargan, Alex. Patterson.  Rec. Mar. 31, 1825.


I-194-95. Mortgage.  June 12, 1824.  John Stuart [signature Stewart] conveys to John P. Zimmerman, executor of the estate of Col. William Zimmerman, parcel of negroes: George, Hannah, Fereby, Kizzy, and Sarah, to secure a debt owed to the estate of $550. If Stewart pays by Jan. 1, 1825 with interest, conveyance is void.  Wit.  Abel Stuart, Timothy Dargan.  Pr. May 6, 1825.  Rec. May 6, 1825.


I-207-08.  Deed of Gift.  Aug. 15, 1825.  Elizabeth Fountain conveys negro girl Orenia [?] and her child Adam to her grandchildren Mary Magee, William Magee, John Magee, Sarah Magee and Hugh Magee.  Negroes to remain in possession of daughter Catharine as guardian of the children, separate from her present or future husband. Wit. Elisha Rogers, Samuel Wingate.  Pr. Sept. 5, 1825.  Rec. Sept. 5, 1825.


I-213-14.  Deed of Gift.  Oct. 2, 1822. Elias Kelly to nephew Madison Kelly, negro boy Washington and negro girl Annica.  Wit. Burrell Shelley, James Coker.  Pr. Dec. 7, 1822.  Rec. Sept. 22, 1825.


I-237-38.  Bill of Sale.  Oct. 11, 1825.  James B. Myers [Mires] sells to William Burris for $500 all his interest in  the lands, slaves and debts of estate of his deceased father Daniel Myers, including these negroes:  Sandy, Peter, Alexr., Amy, Dice, Sandy Jr., Howard, Richard and the increase of Amy and Dice.  The land is described in his fatherís will.  Wit. Hugh E. Cannon, Allen Fort.  Pr.  Oct. 18, 1825.  Rec. Oct. 18, 1825.


I-242-43. Mortgage.  Oct. 22, 1825.  Timothy D. Pettigrew conveys to Edmund Gee, Isaiah Dubose and James Lane, negroes to secure payment of a note of $8000:  Monday, Stepney, London, Peter, Jacob, Jack, Phib, Patsey, March, Ambrose, Mary, Judy, Hariot, Hummond, Ceaser, Bess, Bella, Nerva, Doll, Cyrus, Derry, little Monday, Prosper, little Bess, Toney, Lime.  Conveyance is void if Pettigrew pays note when it comes due.  Wit.  Sheppard Williams, P. R. Gee.  Pr. Nov. 14, 1825.  Rec. Nov. 14, 1825.


I-248. Bill of Sale.  Oct. 6, 1824.  Timothy J. Stephenson for $300 sells of Zachariah T. N. Stephenson of Marion Dist., the following negroes with their future increase:  Tamer, an elderly woman; Dick, an old man; Venice, an old woman; Bill, a man about 25 years, Tom, a man about 21; Lizzy, a woman about 30 years; Essex, a boy about 8 years; Owen, a boy about 6 years; Ephraim, a boy about 4 years; Jerry, a child about 8 months; and Dick, an old man [sic].  Wit. Wm. H. Cannon.  Rec. Nov. 22, 1825.


I-258. Bill of Sale.  Feb. 18, 1825.  William Heath for $300 sells to Reddick Langstone, negro man Joseph.  Wit.  Jesse Herring.  Pr. Dec. 28, 1825.  Rec.  Dec. 28, 1825.


I-267-68.  Deed of Gift.  Jan. 6, 1825.  Stephen Williams conveys to Debby Cooper, his daughter, and her husband John Cooper, during their lifetimes, negroes Betty and her two children Lot and Ann, with their increase, then to their son Wilson Cooper and other heirs of Debby.  Wit.  Geo. Bruce, Campbell Grantham.  Rec. Jan. 3, 1826.


I-268-69.  Trust Indenture.  Dec. 31, 1825.  Isaiah Dubose sells to William McCrea for $500,  Negroes Amy, aged about 45 years, and Hannah, about 13 years, in trust for the sole and separate use of Mary McCrea, wife of John McCrea, he paying her the proceeds of their profits or hire.  After her death, in trust for anyone she names by will or otherwise, or failing that, to the use of her children.   Wit.  Geo. W. Dargan.  Pr.  Jan. 2, 1826.  Rec. Jan. 5, 1826.


I-272-73.  Bill of Sale.  Marion Dist., June 3, 1823.  William Vause sells to Robert Nettles of Darlington Dist. for $300, negro girl Mary.  Wit. Thomas Kennedy, David Kennedy.  Rec. Feb. 1, 1826.


I-273. Bill of Sale.  Oct. 4, 1825.  Ezekial Carroway sells to Geo. Bruce for $475, negro man Mark aged about 26 years.  Wit. P. C. Coggeshall.  Rec. Feb. 2, 1826.


I-276-77.  Deed.  Sept. 13, 1824.  Hannah King, single woman, conveys all her interest in the estate of her father John King, including land, livestock and household goods and part of 12 negroes [not named], to Alexander D. McDougald, for $300.  Wit.  Abel Davis, Noel King. Pr. Feb. 20, 1826.  Rec. Mar. 6, 1826.


I-301-02. Bill of Sale.  Mar. 28, 1826.  William Garner sells for $275 to John Garner, negro boy Allen, aged about 12 years. Wit.  John Haguewood, William Oliver.  Pr. Apr. 18, 1826.  Rec. Apr. 18, 1826.


I-333.  Receipt.  Apr. 11, 1826.  Hillsmon Hill sells to Nancy Skinner for $587.25, negro woman Tiner and her two children, Jenny, aged about 3 years and a boy named --- aged about 2 years.  Tiner being the same woman sold by George Bruce, commissioner in equity, as the estate of Edward Skinner, to Richard Ingram and by Ingram sold to Hill.  The children named are the increase of Tiner since the first sale to Ingram.  Wit. Geo. Bruce, Lenuel Skinner.  Pr. Apr. 11, 1826.  Rec. July 10, 1826.


I-341-43.  Mortgage. Mar. 8, 1826.  Henry Wood of Chesterfield Dist., to secure a bond of $1324 to Geo. Bruce, commissioner in equity, conveys to him negro slaves Tenar, woman aged about 40 years; Sophia, girl aged 17 years; Darien, boy aged about 13 years; Jupiter, boy aged about 11 years, and a tract of land in Darlington Dist. on Boggy Gully.  Conveyance is void if Wood pays the bond as intended. Wit. James Dove, Caleb Coker, Jr.  Pr.  Aug. 7, 1826.  Rec. Aug. 7, 1826.


I-344-46  Mortgage.  Mar. 8, 1826.  Alexander D. McDugald to Geo. Bruce, commissioner in equity, to secure a bond of $3933, conveys to him negro slaves Jack,  man aged about 40; Dicey, girl about 17; Willis, a boy; Nelly, a girl; Jack Jr.; Ann, a girl; Siller, a girl; Mourning. These negroes formerly belonged to the estate of John King, deceased.  Also, lands of the estate of John King to which McDugald might be entitled in right of his wife.  Conveyance is void if McDugald performs on the bond as intended.  Wit.  James Dove, Caleb Coker, Jr.  Pr.  Aug. 7, 1826.  Rec. Aug. 12, 1826.


I-364.  Bill of Sale.  Oct. 4, 1826. Zachariah T. N. Stephenson sells for $10 to H. Dorrel Hunter, negroes Essex, Owen and Ephraim.  Wit.  James Hunter, A. Hunter. Rec. Dec. 2, 1826.


I-364-65.  Deed of Gift.  June 3, 1826.  Jeremiah Heath conveys to his wife Kezia Heath, land which his father purchased from John McCown and negroes: Rose, Tom, Creasey, Esther and Mary, with their future increase.  Also household goods, farm implements, livestock, etc.  Wit.  James Duning [Dunning in proof], Federick Ham, Penelope Ham. Pr.  Nov. 1, 1826.  Rec. Dec. 2, 1826.


I-365-66.  Deed of Gift.  June, 3, 1826.  Jeremiah Heath gives to his daughter Elizabeth Hodge, land and three negroes: Royer, Jack and Amey, also household goods.  Wit.  James Duning [Dunning in proof], Federick Ham, Penelope Ham.  Pr. Nov. 1, 1826.  Rec. Dec. 2, 1826.


I-366-67. Deed of Gift. June 3, 1826.  Jeremiah Heath gives to his son William Heath, land and four negroes:  Fanny, Robin, Yancey and Jude, also livestock.  Wit.  James Dunning, Federick Ham, Penelope Ham.  Pr.  Nov. 1, 1826.  Rec. Dec. 2, 1826.


I-393-94. Deed of Gift.  Jan. 24, 1827.  William McCall gives to Thomas McCall, in trust for Williamís sister Catharine McIlveen, negro woman Dinah, lately purchased by him of William Dixon. To be free from claims of present or future husband of Catharine, then to her children.  Wit.  William Gregg, R. Dickson.  Pr. Jan. 28, 1827.  Rec. Feb. 14, 1827.


I-394-95. Mortgage.  Feb. 2, 1827.  Samuel Wilson to secure a bond of $15,650, conveys to Isaiah DuBose, negro slaves:  Limas, Ben, Flander, Fay [?], Hannah and child, Sam eleven years, Sharper nine years, Binah seven years, Peter four years, Nan and child, Isaac thirteen years, Milton six years, little Ben four, Penny and child, Ester five years, little Sam three years, and Comfort a household wench, with their increase.  Conveyance is void if Wilson pays the bond as intended with interest.  DuBose to be able to seize if necessary.  Wit.  Geo. W. Dargan, Timothy D. Pettigrew.  Pr. 14 Feb. 1827.  Rec. Feb. 14, 1827.


I-414-15.  Release and Deed of Gift.  Feb. 5, 1827.  Thomas Williams releases any interest he may have in either or both of two Negroes to his sister Sarah Smoot.  Their father, Stephen Williams, gave in his lifetime a negro girl Silla to his daughter Sarah Smoot, but left her in his will to son Thomas Williams, leaving to Sarah a negro boy Tom.  For love and affection toward his sister and also for $5, Thomas releases any interest he may have in either or both slaves to Sarah.  Wit. Bright Williamson, Elias D. Law.  Pr.  Feb. 28, 1827.  Rec.  Mar. 1, 1827.


I-427-28.  Bill of Sale. Feb. 3, 1827.  Augustus P. Lacoste of Cheraw, Chesterfield Dist., sells for $650 to Albert Fort two negro female slaves: Dinah, 25 years old, and Darby, 15 years old.  Wit.  Abner G. Wilson.  Pr. Mar. 13, 1827.  Rec. Mar. 13, 1827.


I-428-29. Deed of Gift.  Oct. 25, 1826.  John Powell to his grandchildren, the children and future children of his son James Powell, Sarah, Mary, Absolom C., Martha, Margaret, Catharine and John Powell, a negro woman Beck,of a yellow complexion, with all her increase which she has now or may hereafter have.  Beck was purchased at sheriff sale by John Powell at Darlington Court House as the property of James Powell.  Also about 600 acres of land, less that sold to Reddick Cruthires [?].  James Powell to keep all the property in his possession during his lifetime, continuing to his wife Amelia if she survives, then equally to the children. Wit.  William Malloy, Volentine Rowell.  Pr.  Mar. 19, 1827.  Rec. Mar. 19, 1827.