Deed Book L, 1830 - 1834
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L-43-44.  Deed of Gift.  Oct. 25, 1830.  Mary Russell of Marion Dist. conveys Negroes with their increase to her children Zachariah Michael Russell (girl Dicy), Stephen Dempsey Russell (girl Tamar) and Marcy Louisa Russell (girl Clarissa).  Possession is to occur after Mary Russell’s death.  Wit. A. D. Sims, Timothy Dargan.  Pr. Dec. 16, 1830.  Rec. Dec. 16, 1830. 


L-74-76.  Deed of Trust.  Mar. 15, 1831.  Eli Holloman, being intemperate, conveys to Silas and Gillis Holloman, all his estate, in trust for himself, including land and all his negroes:  Hester, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Carey, Lewis, John, Rebecca, Hester, Peter, Isabel, Sal, Alfred, Ally, Jesse, Ira, William, Mary & child Sophia [is Sophia Mary’s child?], Ann, Stephen, Willey.  Trustees to pay his debts and maintain him.  After his death, estate to go to his heirs by will.  Wit.  S. C. Muldrow, Jno. B. Bruce.  Schedule of property. Pr. Mar. 15, 1831.  Rec. Mar. 17, 1831.


L-76.  Sumter Dist. Power of Attorney. Mar. 7, 1831.   Caleb Rembert of Sumter Dist. authorizes Franklin I. Moses of Sumter Dist. to assign and transfer the mortgage of a negro man Jeffrey given to him by Samuel D. Grant, Nov. 8, 1826, to any person who will pay the mortgage.  Wit. John J. Potts.  Rec. Mar. 28, 1831.


L-122-23.  Deed of Trust.  Mar. 19, 1831.  Noel King, “being uneducated and ignorant in the management of business,” conveys to “his friend and relative” James King, in trust for himself,  three negroes Jack, Axsey and Mourning and other estate to which he is entitled from his father’s estate.  James King is to pay his debts previously accrued and income is to go toward his support during his lifetime.  Estate after his life is to go as directed by his will.  Wit. S. C. Muldrow, Jesse Holloway.  Pr. Aug 1, 1831.  Rec. June 2, 1831 [sic].


L-123-27.  Bond and Mortgage. Mar. 28, 1831.  To secure a bond of $5827.74 guaranteeing the payment of a debt of $2913.87, Simon C. Muldrow and Joseph Wilson convey to John McClenaghan, eleven negroes (late the property of Joseph Wilson): John, Cicero, Mary & her child & Alick, Phillis, Melia, Nanny & Sophia, and Binah & her child.  Conveyance is void if debt is paid as agreed.  Wit. Hugh E. Cannon, James R. Ervin.  Pr.  Mar. 29, 1831.  Additional mortgage of land, Mar. 28, 1831, signed by S. C. Muldrow, Joseph Wilson and Agnes Wilson.  Release of Dower by Agnes Wilson, Aug. 5, 1831.  Rec. Aug. 5, 1831.  


L-128-29. Bill of Sale.  Mar. 17, 1831.  Abel Rogers sells to Reddick Langston for $600, three negroes:  Tamer and her two children Elick and Henry.  Wit. John Langston, Ervin Langston.  Pr. July 25, 1831.  Rec. Aug. 6, 1831.


L-130-31. Deed of Gift.  Apr. 18, 1831.  James Shields conveys to his son James L. Shields, negro girl Mary and her increase. James > Shields gains full title at age 21.  If James L. Shields does not live to age 21 or leaves no issue, Mary reverts to James Shields or his estate. Wit. Jno. B. Bruce, John K. Charles.  Pr. Aug. 27, 1831.  Rec. Aug. 29, 1831.


L-133-34. Bill of Sale. Aug. 2, 1830.  Amos A. Galpin sells to Richard Ingram for $2800, 10 negroes: Billy, Tom, Willis, Bob, Isabell, Becca, Ginny, Hannah, Clara and Allan, also horses and gig.  Wit.  A. D. Sims, Josiah B. Furman.  Pr. Sept. 9, 1831. Rec.  Sept. 9, 1831. 


L-138-39.  Assignment of Property, Trust Deed.  Oct. 17, 1831.  E. W. Charles, being in debt to various persons in this state and elsewhere, conveys to John B. Bruce and S. B. Wilkins real and personal property, including a house in Darlington Village.  The conveyance is in trust and in exchange they are to pay his debts, including those to George W. Dargan, Hopkins G. Charles, the heirs of Wm. W. Charles, John K. Charles and Robert F. Charles, with the balance due to Sarah Charles.  Included in the property conveyed are negroes: Ben, Glasgow, Jasper, Racheal, Julia and Hestor.  Wit. W. C. Bruce, J. B. Wilson.  Pr. Oct. 18, 1831.  Rec. Oct. 21, 1831.


L-162-63.  Mortgage.  Sept. 21, 1831. To secure a recognizance bond of the Darlington Court of Common Pleas put up by William Burris and James Hunter guaranteeing William Burris’ appearance in the Court of Common Pleas in October 1831 to answer a charge of stealing a cow the property of Hugh E. Cannon, William Burris conveys to James Hunter a plantation on Jeffries Creek of 900 acres and negroe slaves Abby, Amey, Daniel, Abram, Priscey, Chaney, Satan.  If Burris appears and bond is satisfied, conveyance is void.  Wit. Wm. W. Harlle, Geo. W. Dargan. Pr. Jan. 7, 1832.  Rec. Jan. 7, 1832.


L-165-66.  Deed of Gift.  Oct. 12, 1798.  Benjamin Wright gives to his daughter Margaret Wright, all of his lands, negroes, cattle, household goods, etc. according to a schedule. Wit.  James Due, James Coleman, Abner Broach.  Pr. Aug. 21, 1801.  Schedule includes four negroes:  woman Chloe and her children: Dave, a young fellow; Hannah, a young wench; July, a young boy, with their future issue and increase.  Stated recorded in Book A., No. 11, pages 189, 190, 191, examined by Evander McIver, R.M. Conveyance. Rec. Jan. 7, 1832. 


L-178.  Deed of Gift.  Feb. 24, 1829.  William Runnells, Sr., gives to daughter Mary Spiers, negro girl Hannah and her increase, for Mary’s lifetime and then to her lawful issue.  Wit.  B. DuBose, William Trader.  Pr. Feb. 24, 1829.  Rec. Feb. 28, 1832.


L-179-80. Deed of Gift.  Jan. 4, 1832.  John Sanders Sr. conveys to his son Joshua M. Sanders, tracts of land and 15 negroe slaves: Old Ned, Nero, Prince, Ben, little Isaac, Pheby, little Abram, Jerry, Jim, Hagar, Toney, Cuffy, Creasy, Mariah and Adam.  Son Joshua M. Sanders to provide him a comfortable maintenance and support during his lifetime.  Wit.  S. B. Wilkins, W. Bland. Pr. Mar. 1, 1832.  Rec. Mar. 2, 1832.


L-195.  Bill of Sale.  Mar. 25, 1832.  Josiah J. Evans of Society Hill sells to Robert Latta of Yorkville for $875, 2 negroes: Dicey (conveyed to Evans by John Dalrympl on June 7, 1831) and [not named] (conveyed to Evans by John Kirven Jan. 1833 [sic]), “which said negroes are now in the possession of the late William Latta to whom they have been delivered by the order of the said Robert Latta.” [Note:  the deed book copy appears to be defective, in part by omitting several words, including the name of the second slave.]  Wit. A. M. McIver, J. C. DuBose.  [No recording date.] See L-215.


L-206-07.  Deed.  Apr. 2, 1832.  In consideration for her maintenance and in consideration of a bond for that maintenance in the amount of $2500, Elizabeth Wright deeds to her sons Solomon and James Wright, all her property, including land on Spring Branch and Everlasting Branch, and these negro slaves:  Mackey, a woman and her two children Charlotte and Ann, Ben, a man about 25 years of age, Bob, a man about 25 years of age, and Polly, a woman about 17 or 18 years.  Wit. Hugh E. Cannon, Jno. B. Bruce.  Pr. Apr. 7, 1832.  Rec. Apr. 7, 1832.


L-215.  Bill of Sale.  Mar. 25, 1832.  Josiah J. Evans to Robert Latta. Same as L-195, including deficiencies in the copying.  Pr. Apr. 14, 1832, Rec. Apr. 14, 1832.


L-241-42. Trust Deed.  Sumter Dist., Feb. 21, 1832.  Robert Muldrow conveys to Simon C. Muldrow, in trust for his sister Agnes Wilson, wife of Joseph Wilson, and then to her children, negro slaves: Binah, Ellick, Phillis, Melia & her child Nanny, John, Cicero, Mary & her child, and Sophia.  Wit. Hastin Jennings.  Pr. Feb. 21, 1832.  Rec. June 10, 1832. 


L-256-57. Deed of Gift.  May 9, 1832.  Shadrach Price, “for the natural love and affection” he bears to Roger Parish of Kershaw Dist., conveys negro man Sire and negro woman Isabel and other property, “and all my part of my Fathers Estate,” reserving enough to pay his debts and $100 to be kept for Charles Price, Shadrach’s nephew, at age 21.  Wit. Levenia A. Marshall, Z[achariah]. Marshall. Pr. May 12, 1832.  Rec. Oct. 25, 1832.  [Note:  the next deed, L-257-68, for land, identifies Shadrach Price’s father as Charles Price and names his five sons:  Shadrach, William, Joshua, Cornelius and John.]


L-268-69.  Mortgage. Nov. 1832.  To secure his debt of $1500 to the Georgetown branch of the Bank of the State of South Carolina which has been guaranteed by Sanders and Bacot, John Chambers conveys to Joshua M. Sanders and Samuel Bacot, land on Jeffries Creek and negroes:  Sam, Ceasar, Tom, Suckey, Beck, Milly, July, Mary and Henry.  The former security of negroes mortgaged for the note “has failed...being taken by older Judgmt. creditors against me.”  Sanders and Bacot have endorsed the renewal of the note.  Conveyance is void if Chambers discharges the note and the renewals thereof.  Wit. Samuel B. Wilkins, Peter C. Coggeshall.  Pr. Nov. 8, 1832. Rec. Nov. 8, 1832.


L-269-72.  Marriage Settlement.  Oct. 5, 1832.  In order to protect the property of Harriet M. Gee, widow of Edmund Gee, who intends to marry Joseph B. Nettles, property is conveyed to Samuel L. DuBose in trust for her, including land and slaves.  Extensive contingencies for the final distribution of the property.  Schedule includes Negro slaves: Violet, Rachel, Peter, Alfred, Clarissa, Markus, Vinia, Major, Betsey, Pinkney, Marion, Allen, Juno, Josephus, Augustus, Oran [?], Dave, Ismael, Jacob, Luke, Ned, Miller, Will, Amey, Lenah, Sally, Nelly, Milly, Zilpha, America, Sillar, Cathrine, Phoebe, Lizzy, China, Fanny, Silvey, Alley, Silvia, Warrick, Dick, Simon, Jerry, Ned, Ceasar, Augustus, Harry, Lucy, Binah, Pendah, Emily, Abram, Sena.  Oct. 5, 1832.  Wit. S. B. Wilkins, Catharine M. Terril.  Pr. Nov. 2, 1832.  Nov. 12, 1832.


L-337-38. Trust Deed.  May 3, 1833.  R. A. Pettigrew to A. D. Sims, in trust for Elizabeth, wife of R. A. Pettigrew, her share of the estate in negroes of John Pearce:  Molly and George.  The conveyance is to carry out the order of the Cheraw Equity Court, Feb. 1833 term, in a case where R. A. Pettigew and wife are complainants and John Chambliss and wife and others defendants regarding the division of the estate of John Pearce.  After Elizabeth’s death the property is to go to the children of the marriage of R. A. Pettigrew and Elizabeth Pettigrew.  Wit.  S. B. Wilkins, John E. McCaskill.  Pr. May 3, 1833.  Rec. May 3, 1833.


L-345-47.  Mortgage.  May 6, 1833.  To secure a recognizance bond requiring his attendance at the Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions in Darlington in Oct. 1833 to answer a charge of choking Cecilia his wife, William Molloy conveys to Henry Gibbs and Adam Carraway, these negroes:  Rose (aged about 22), Richard (age about 3) and George (infant).  Conveyance is void if Molloy satisfies the bond by appearing.  Wit. Jno. B. Bruce, J. E. Halford.  Pr. May 6, 1833.  Rec. May 6, 1833.


L-366-67.  Marriage Settlement.  July 8, 1833.  Intending to marry Leonidas King, Caroline E. Williams, daughter of Stephen Williams, conveys to Sheppard Williams in trust for herself for life and then to her children if any, her share of land devised to her and to Margaret Williams by Stephen Williams, all her interest in the estate of her father Stephen Williams, two negro girls Eliza and Kate, and property on a schedule.  Extensive survivorship instructions follow.  Wit.  Thomas Lilly, Madison King.  Pr. Aug. 1, 1833.  Rec. Aug. 1, 1833. 


L-368-69.  Mortgage.  July 19, 1833. Richard Ingram conveys to Moses Sanders and Evander R. McIver, security for his bank note on the Camden branch of the State of South Carolina, negro slaves:  Mark, Barbary, big Tamer, little Tamer, Jim, Grace, Mary, Alse, Letta, Jessee [sic], Fayette, Minda, Venus and Hubbard.  Ingram to keep possession unless he defaults on the note and Sanders and McIver become liable.  Wit. Jno. B. Bruce, S. W. Arnold.  Pr. Aug. 1, 1833.  Rec. Aug. 1, 1833.


L-377-78.  Deed of Gift. Aug. 8, 1833. Daniel Dampier to his wife Keziah Dampier, land willed to her by her father, not yet divided, and negro girl Maria and other property. Wit. David Large, James D. Wright.  Pr. Aug. 8, 1833.  Rec. Aug. 26, 1833.


L-386-87.  Deed of Trust.  Oct. 31, 1833.  Archibald Jackson conveys to James Dove, to protect his property from his own intemperance, etc., in trust for himself, his interest in the estate of his deceased father John Jackson, including land on Seed Tick Branch, negroes and other property as scheduled.  Schedule, Oct. 31, 1833, includes negro woman Lindy about 52 years old, three negro men Martin, Tom & Harry between 20 and 30 years old,  woman Beller aged about 50, woman Peg & six children Phillis, Ede, Dick, Sealy, Esther & Beller, woman Phebe & children Frank & Stephen.  [Note, list in body of deed also names woman Izabel, who is not mentioned in the schedule.]  Wit. S[ilas]. Hollaman, Jas. P. Wilson.  Pr. Nov. 4, 1833.  Rec. Nov. 4, 1833.


L-405.  Deed of Gift.  Aug. 26, 1831.  Bilsey Perkins of Darlington Dist. to daughter Bilsey S. Lilly for good will and affection, two negroes: boy Arch and girl Tilda.  Wit. A. Furgerson, John Artis.  Pr. 2 Jan. 1834, Rec. 2 Jan. 1834.


L-409-10. Trust Deed.  Jan. 13, 1831.  Timothy Dargan for natural love and affection toward his daughter Margaret Ann P. Sims, wife of A. D. Sims, and for $5 paid by George W. Dargan, conveys negroes and their increase to George W. Dargan in trust for her separate use and her children or heirs, or failing heirs to heirs of A. P. [sic] Sims:  Grace and her daughter Chaney, Jess, Leila & Ellis.  Wit. James P. Wilson, Pleasant R. Gee.  Pr. 21 Jan. 1834, Rec. 21 Jan. 1834.


L-439-43.  Marriage Settlement. Jan. 9, 1834.  To safeguard property owned by the late Jesse Lewis, one third of which his widow Martha Lewis is entitled to. Marriage is contemplated between Martha and Daniel B. Price; Martha leaves four children by Jesse Lewis:  Wiliam David Lewis, Rachel Amelia Lewis, John Fountain Lewis and Elizabeth Catharine Lewis.  Various property is conveyed to John D. Price, trustee, children to be maintained and educated by D. B. Price, etc.  Several tracts of land [generally near Society Hill], and negro slaves Western Mary & Louisa and other personal property described in the appraisment of the estate of Jesse Lewis, and one third of notes, etc.  If D. B. Price predeceases Martha, children to inherit after the eldest turns 21 years; if she survives, estate to be reconveyed to her.  Wit. James G. Brown, Abel Gandy.  Pr. 1 Apr. 1834.  Inventory of the Estate of Jesse Lewis attached dated 7 Nov. 1832, lists wench Mary, $300, girl Louisa, $250, and at the plantation, wench Doll, $100, wench Margery, $350, items at Society Hill not detailed, $877.  Total, $1702.38.  Signed Thos. E. McIver, Archd. Douglas, Charles B. Fort. Marriage Settlement recorded 2 Apr. 1834.