The index is provided in four sections, last names A - F, G - L, M - R and S - Z.   Note that following the last entries, there are two entries without last names.
Last names A - F
Last names M - R
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The document provided here is an index to a register of rations issued by the Freedmen's Bureau field office located at Darlington, South Carolina, in February and March 1867.
The document is from the National Archives, RG105, #3194, labeled as Vol. 184. This Register Book has been microfilmed and is available at regional National Archives branches in the field office records series for South Carolina.
The original document is laid out in blocks, with the following information provided:
  Name and Age
  District & Town
  Owner of Plantation
  What Road and Distance
  Nature of Disability
  No. & Age of Children
  Rations issued
The race of the recipient -- Colored or White -- is provided in the margin.
I have not transcribed the Nature of Disability or the Rations issued, so these webpages should be treated as an index, sorted by the recipient's name. Where there is information on children (only provided in a few entries, I have noted that information in the Comments column. I have sorted the index by name of recipient.
The Road and Distance measures appear to be from the town of Darlington. I have used abbreviations for the towns, for example, Tim for Timmonsville.
See the sample entries below:
Darlington, South Carolina, Freedmen's Bureau Ration Book, February -- March 1867
Last names S - Z
Last names G - L