Darlington, SC, Freedmen's Bureau Medical Register, May - September 1868
      from National Archives, RG 108.  This item is reproduced on NARA microfilm M1910,
      roll 75, as Register of the Sick and Wounded. 
      The transcription is sorted by the name of the person treated.  Other data includes the numerical entry number, age and race, residence, medical complaint, and date.  CF stands for "colored female," CMC for "colored male child," WM for "white male." etc.
  This document is particularly important for identifying the residences of freedmen shortly after the end of the Civil War.
Last name of Patient
A -- Bo

Br -- C
D - F
G -- He
Hi -- Jac
James -- K
L -- McIntosh
McIntyre -- O
P -- Smart
Smith -- Wilds
Williams -- [End]