1870 Mortality Census for Darlington County, South Carolina
One of the Census Schedules in addition to the Population Schedule recorded information on people who died in the year preceding the census date of June 1, 1870.  The schedule is arrange by township in the order of population schedule, with each person cross-referenced to the family in which he or she should appear on the population schedule.
This list identifies township name, age, sex, race (Black, white or mulatto), marital status (inconsistently recorded especially for non-whites), birthplace, whether father or mother were of foreign birth, month of death (June 1869 -- May 1870), occupation and cause of death.  I have not transcribed the cause of death.
Several townships (Grant, Lang, Whittemore, Wright) start a second numbering of families within the township.  These are indicated as, for example, Lang(1) and Lang(2).
Lunny Township is sometimes misread as "Sunny" and appears in sequence after "Stevens."
The original manuscript is located at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.  It is also indexed on Ancestry.com, which has links to the census images.
For a list of Reconstruction township names and modern township names, see here.
Townships L - W
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