Deed Book M, 1834 - 1837

M-22.  Receipt.  Georgetown, 26 Apr. 1834.  Received of Maurice W. Hunter, $700 in full payment for four negroes, Will, Mariah, Rose & Nancy.  Signed William A. J. Brown.  Wit. E. Waterman.  Pr. Georgetown Dist., 30 May 1834. Rec. 2 June 1834.


M-54.  Trust Deed.  1834 [no month and day].  Adam Stuart to James Alexander Mills, for five shillings, in trust for Stuart’s daughter Martha Stuart, negro girl slave Scilla and her increase, furniture, cattle, etc.  If Martha marries, to her children, if not, to be hers solely.   Wit.  Thomas S. Saverance, Jacob Carter.  Pr. 11 Apr. 1834.  Rec. 1 July 1834.


M-87-88.  Trust Bill of Sale. 27 Sept. 1834.  Joseph B. Nettles to Shepperd Williams, in trust for the sole and separate use of Caroline E. King, wife of Leonidas King, negro man Simon, for $700.  Wit. Jesse Keith, William Gee Jr.  Acknowledgement of trust signed by S. Williams, 27 Sept. 1834.  Wit. William Keith, William Gee Jr. Pr. 26 Jan. 1835.  Rec. 26 Jan. 1835.


M-96-97.  Deed of Gift.  2 Oct. 1834.  Henry Gibbs, Jr., to his sons John W. Gibbs and James W. Gibbs for love and affection, equally, negro girl Rose and her increase, who he purchased from William Reynolds and Mary his wife.  Henry to retain a life estate.  Wit. Isaiah Hendrix, William P. Best.  Pr. 2 Feb. 1835. Rec. 2 Feb. 1835.


M-111-12.  Bill of Sale.  Jan. 1835.  William F. Gee to Susannah Gee and William Gee, her son. For $400, Negro girl Julia Ann, aged about eleven or twelve, with all her increase.  Susannah to hold during her lifetime, then to William or his heirs.  Wit. John Johnson.  Pr. 3 March 1835.  Rec. 24 March 1835.


M-123-26.  Mortgage and Bond.  Apr. 7, 1835.  Joseph B. Nettles conveys to William H. Cannon, negro slaves Moses, Cuffy and Nancy, security for a bond of $2480.  If Nettles defaults on bond, Cannon can seize the slaves.  Wit. Thomas J. Flinn, John E. M. Caskill. Pr. 7 Apr. 1835.  Rec. 7 Apr. 1835.


M-152-54.  Trust Deed.  June 13, 1835.  James Mercer and Eliza his wife to Zachariah Norwood, trustee for said wife Eliza, land and personal property as described on schedule.  Land on Swift Creek was part of tract lately owned by Thomas Mercer Sr. deceased (described).  James and Eliza to occupy and take proceeds during their lifetimes, Norwood or his heirs to possess after the death of the survivor.  Wit. S. B. Wilkins, Jno. E. McCaskill. Schedule of property:  one undivided tenth of the following negroes and their increase “upon the death of my mother who holds a life estate in them”:  Jacob, Silvia, Nancy, Sut, Jerry, Horace, John, Julia, Hannah, Sam, Wingate, Sam and Harriet. Various horses, furniture, etc. Pr. 13 June 1835.  Rec. 13 June 1835.


M-202-3.   Mortgage.  Jan. 18, 1834. David R. Williams McIver conveys to Eleazer Waterman, eleven or twelve negroes with their increase to secure a debt of $1300: Sharper, Mary and her child, Andrew, Maria, Jack, Jack (of more than ordinary value), Bill a carpenter, Stephen, Maria, Doll and Betsy. If McIver defaults on payment, Waterman can enter McIver’s property to take possession of the eleven negroes and the increase of the females.  Wit. William Chapman, John Chapman.  Pr. Georgetown Dist. by John Chapman, Aug. 18, 1835.  Rec. 9 Feb. 1836.


M-216. Deed.  Nov. 4, 1835.  Firney G. Ham and Mary A. Ham.  James Brown by deed of gift dated 13 Apr. 1816 conveyed negro slave Clarissa to Mary Ann Nettles, now Mary Ann Ham.  Now Brown wishes to obtain back the Clarissa and her issue since the gift. So in consideration of $500, the Hams transfer Clarissa and Abner and Daniel her issue to James Brown.  Wit. William Burris. Receipt for $500 signed Firney G. Ham.  Pr. Jan. 22, 1836.  Rec. 13 Feb. 1836.


M-243-44.  Trust deed.  Mar. 14, 1835.  Sarah Mercer conveys to Amos Mercer, in trust for her daughter Kizziah Dampier, wife of Daniel Dampier, a negro girl slave Maria with her future increase, for Kizziah’s sole and separate use and after her death to her child or children.  Wit. S. W. DuBose, A. D. Sims.  Pr. 14 Mar. 1835.  Rec. 16 Mar. 1835.


M-297-98.  June 14, 1836.  Deed of Gift. Eli Holloman to Burril Segars for natural love and affection, negroes:  Esther, Stephen, Jesse, Ira, William, Lewis, John, Harry, Peter, Wiley, Calvin, Rhody, Becky, Isabel and Emily.  Also all his real estate.  All to take effect after his death and after paying his debts.  P. S.  “My old negro woman Liz shall be set free at my death.”  Wit.  Jno. J. McDonald, Joshua E. Kirvin, Thos. E. Hart.  Pr. 28 June 1836.  Rec. 29 June 1836.


M-387-89.  Pike Co., Alabama.  Power of attorney.  Dec. 7, 1836.  Elizabeth Banks daughter of James McLendon, late of Darlington Dist., names Avareth McLendon her attorney to settle her portion of her father’s estate, including adjusting for the value of a certain negro girl Sarah given to her by her father in his lifetime. Wit. Lewis McLendon, Wm. Y. Fryer.  Pr. Pike Co., Ala., 7 Dec. 1836.  Certified by Abram Miles, judge of the county court of Pike Co., Ala.  Rec. 10 Jan. 1837.


M-390-91.  Jan. 2, 1837.  Trust deed. William H. Herron to Newett Delk, for $2 and for love and affection toward his wife, in trust for himself and his wife Nancy A. Herron, negroes:  girl Ann about 14 years old, boy Belford about 12, boy Charles about 8, woman Maria about 28, girl Cheny [?] about 8, boy Ralph about 3 years.  For their joint use during their lifetimes, then after his death to his wife’s use, then after her death to use of their children, etc.  Also to the use of any children Nancy may have on a second marriage.  Wit.  Peter C. Coggeshall, John W. Lide.  Pr. [n.d.]  Rec. 14 Jan. 1837.


M-464-67.  Bond and Mortgage.  March 15, 1836. Joseph B. and Caleb H. Nettles mortgage 12 negroes to secure their bond made to John Gibson, to secure debt of $3904.82.  Negroes: Isaac, Sam, Jinny, Jim, Sally, Mandey, Sookey, Matilda, Hannah, Elizabeth, Susanna and Daniel, with their increase.  If the Nettles do not perform, Gibson may enter and seize said negroes.  Receipts recorded for interest paid in 1837.  Wit.  Jas. S. Gibson, Thos. Robertson.  Pr. 6 June 1837.  Rec. 6 June 1837.

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