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N-10-11.  Mortgage.  July 19, 1837.  To secure a debt of $3199.74 owing to Col. John N. Williams, Daniel A. McEachever conveys a negro named Elias, aged about 18, and other property, to John N. Williams.  If debt is paid as agreed with interest by  Oct. 1 next, the conveyance is void.  Wit.  Peter Stewart, Daniel McRany.  Pr. July 29, 1837.  Rec. Aug. 20, 1837.


N-73.  Deed of Gift.  Feb. 13, 1821.  Richard Allen conveys three negroes, River, Phillis and Peter, and their future increase, to his daughter Mary Jean Allen for life, then to her issue, with a reversion to his estate if there are no issue of Mary Jean.  Wit.  Thos. Kennedy, Sr., Thos. Kennedy, Jr., Thos. Kennedy minor.  Pr.  Mar. 10, 1821. Rec. Jan. 2, 1838.


N-74-75.  Trust Deed.  Jan. 6, 1838.  Peter B. Pearce conveys to Charles E. Pearce a negro man slave Ephraim, in trust for Peter’s wife Emily L. Pearce, for her and for the maintenance of any child or children they may have, during her lifetime.  This property is part of the portion of the estate inherited from her father.  Wit.  A. D. Sims, S. W. DuBose.  Pr.  Jan. 6, 1838.  Rec. Jan. 6, 1838.


N-76-78.  Mortgage.  Jan. 8, 1838.  To secure bail bonds guaranteed by them, Wesley S. Garner conveys a negro fellow named Simon, aged about 24 years, and various horses, stock and goods to James C. Garner, William A. Garner and Charles W. Garner.  The conveyance is void if Wesley performs on the bonds. Wit.  B. W. James.  Pr. Jan. 9, 1838. Rec. Jan. 9, 1838.


N-86-87.  Trust Deed.  Feb. 23, 1838.  Robert A. Pettigrew conveys to James N. Garner, in trust for his wife Elizabeth Pettigrew, to make provision for her and for their children Sarah A. Pettigrew, Caroline Pettigrew, John Pettigrew and Mary Olivia Pettegrew, negro slaves Peter, Judy, Jack, Bill and Harry, as well as horses and other property, for her lifetime and then to their children.  Wit.  A. D. Sims, Thomas Stanly. Pr.  Feb. 24, 1838. Rec. Feb. 24, 1828.


N-104-06.  Partition.  Feb. 27, 1838.  Pursuant to the settlement of an equity case in Cheraw equity court and orders made by the Jan. 1838 term of the court, Clement C. B. DuBose conveys to John P. Zimmerman, negro slaves Chance, Bina, Lydia, Davy, Henry, Thomas and Eve, in trust for DuBose and his wife Esther and their children. Equity case was brought by Benjamin DuBose and wife and Clement C. B. DuBose and wife, complainants, against Henry Abbott and wife and other defendants, asking for partition of certain property mentioned in the bill consisting of negro slaves.  Wit. Henry Watson, Blacey Brand, A. D. Sims, S[heppard]. Williams.  Pr. by Clement C. B. DuBose in Greene Co., Alabama, Feb. 27, 1838. Pr. Darlington Co., Mar. 13, 1838.  Rec. Mar. 13, 1838.


N-106-09.  Trust Deed.  Feb. 24, 1838.  Benjamin E. DuBose to Samuel L. DuBose.  Pursuant to the settlement of an equity case in Cheraw equity court and orders made by the Jan. 1838 term of the court, Benjamin E. DuBose conveys the portion allotted to himself and his wife Mary V. DuBose to Samuel L. DuBose, in trust, the following negro slaves:  Lettice, Margaret & child, Tom, Rose, Mary, Amy, Susan and Phillis, “together with old Centy who was in the said order above refered to not to be settled.”  [Equity case is the one described above in N-104-06.] Conveyance in trust is to make suitable provision for Mary V. DuBose and her and DuBose’s children.  Wit. A. D. Sims, James M. Hunter.  Pr. by Clement C. DuBose in Greeene Co., Alabama, Feb. 27, 1838.  Pr. Darlington Co., Mar. 14, 1838.  Rec. Mar. 14, 1838.


N-109-10.  Trust Deed.  Apr. 28, 1834.  Peter DuBose conveys to Elias B. DuBose and Ervin DuBose, in trust for his daughter Susan Atkinson, negroes Miley (about 16 years old) and Aaron (about 2 years old) with their future increase. Negroes are for her use aside from the debts of her husband Samuel Atkinson.  Negro boy Aaron is to be delivered to DuBose=s grandson Peter Wilds Atkinson when he turns twenty-one years old, “the other two [sic]” negroes and their increase to remain to the benefit of Susan Atkinson during her life time and after her death, “the negro girl named Eliza and her Increase to be the property of my Grandaugher Elizabeth H. Atkinson,” and the woman Miley and her increase after Susan’s death to be divided between the heirs of Susan’s body.  Wit. Wm. H. Bown, C. C. Campbell, John B. Douglas.  Pr. Sumter Dist., South Carolina, by C. C. Campbell, Mar. 8, 1838.  Rec. Mar. 14, 1838.


N-123-24.  Deed.  Dec. 23, 1835.  Daniel and Keziah Dampier his wife sell the share of the personal estate of Thomas Mercer which Keziah is to inherit after the death of Susan Mercer, wife of Thomas (who has a life estate in it), to Joseph B. Nettles for $300.  After Susan’s death, Keziah, with the other children of Thomas Mercer, is to have an equal share of Mercer’s estate.  This sale excepts from the conveyance certain cows and calves, household goods, and a negro girl named Maria “now in her [Keziah’s?] possession,”  as well as all real estate.  Wit.  Geo. W. Dargan, James L. Shields.  Pr. Mar. 21, 1838.  Rec.  Apr. 10, 1838.


N-129-30.  Deed of Gift.  Feb. 20, 1836. Martha Price gives to Sinney Mattuce, child of her daughter Inman Mattuce, land transferred to her by Cornelius Price (being his claim on the estate of her deceased husband Charles Price), and also a negro girl named Dafney, aged four years, with her future increase, also various furniture.  Martha retains possession and use during her lifetime.  Wit. Noah W. Rowell.  Pr. Feb. 20, 1836.  Rec. Apr. 13, 1838.


N-132-34.  Mortgage.  Apr. 7, 1838.  To secure a debt of  $1000 with interest, William K. Taylor conveys to John V. Kelly, two negroes:  woman Mary aged about 35 years and girl Ann aged about 13 or 14 years. Conveyance is void if Taylor repays the debt as agreed.  Wit.  Charles Bruce, Stephen Woodham.  Pr.  Apr. 18, 1838.  Rec. Apr. 28, 1838.


N-151-52.  Mortgage.  Jan. 24, 1838.  To secure two notes of $1500 each, Caleb Coker conveys to William H. Snipes eleven negro slaves: Dembo, Toney, Tom, Jinney and her son Peter, Violet and her four children (Jacob, Tom, Judy and Nelly), and Mahala.  Conveyance is void if Coker pays the debt with interest as agreed.  Wit. Lewis Coker, Thomas Coker.  Pr. July 5, 1838.  Rec. July 9, 1838.


N-158-59.  Mortgage. June 28, 1838.  To secure his warranty of titles of land now held by Isaiah DuBose, which land was conveyed by Samuel Wilson to Samuel L. DuBose, Samuel Wilson conveys to Samuel L. DuBose, negro slaves:  Jenny and child Citty (?), May, Ann, Cynthia, Mariah & child Betty, and George.  Wilson is to remain in possession of the negroes until and unless Isaiah DuBose suffers some harm.  Conveyance is void if Wilson makes good on any loss.  Wit. Geo. W. Dargan.  Pr. Aug. 4, 1838.  Rec. Aug. 4, 1838


N-169-70. Deed of Trust.  Sept. 10, 1838.  Evander C. Pearce gives to Peter B. Pearce, in trust for Evander’s wife Satira Pearce for life and then to their child or children, negro slaves: Alfred, Caty, Belford, Arthur, Becca, Rachael and Sim.  Wit. A. D. Sims, Geo. W. Dargan. Pr. Sept. 10, 1838.  Rec. Sept. 10, 1838.


N-181-83.  Mortgage.  Oct. 19, 1838.  To secure a debt of $8,000, Caleb H. Nettles conveys to Joseph B. Nettles, sixteen negro slaves:  Bess, Isaac, Sam, Little Sally, Harriet, Monday, Ben, Genet (?), Sara, Dick, Little Jinny, Betsy, Simon, John, Big Jinny and Jim. Conveyance is void if Caleb pays the debt as agreed.  Wit.  James H. Sewart, Josiah Bass.  Pr.  Nov. 23, 1838.  Rec. Nov. 23, 1838.


N-203. Bill of Sale. Nov. 24, 1838.  John Sketoe to his daughter Malinza Sketoe, for $5, five negroes: Mary, Jane, Moses, Simon, and Robert.  He retains life interest in Mary and Moses.  Wit.  Henry Wilson, John Tallcoast.  Pr. Jan. 7, 1839. Rec. Jan. 7, 1839.


N-212-13.  Mortgage.  Jan. 14, 1839.  To secure various debts, bonds, advances, etc., of more than $27,000, William F. Gee of  Wilcox Co., Alabama, mortgages and conveys to Jacqueline Gee, William H. Frazier and David Williams, about 800 acres of land in Wilcox Co., Ala., and the following negroes:  Silvy and her five children (Charity, Sary, Peter, Evans and an infant name not recollected), Martha and her three children (Furney, Washington and Betsey), Mary and her four children (Hannah, Absolom, Sally and an infant name not recollected), Cassy and her three children (Harriet, Maria, Charlotte), Rose and her three children (Willis, George and an infant name not recollected), Hannah and her two children (Robert and Joe), Aneky, Kitty, Major, old Joe, Harbird, Dennis,  Jed [?], big George, big Charles, little Charles, Peyton, with their increase.  Parties mentioned include William H. Frazier, Jas. Hunter, Silas Cooper, Saml. B. Wilkins, Geroge W. Dargan, M. W. Hunter, Saml. Nettles. Wit.  Thomas S. Nettles, S. Wilds DuBose.  Pr. Jan. 14, 1839.  Rec. Jan. 14, 1839.


N-262-63.  Mortgage.  Jan. 19, 1839.  To secure a debt of $725.23, David Large conveys four negroes to James H. McIntosh:  Judy and her children Peter, Ceaser and Rosemond. Conveyance is void of Large repays the debt.  Wit.  John M. Norwood, Theodore Sompayrac (?).  Pr.  Mar. 1, 1839.


N-302-03. Trust Deed.  June 7, 1839.  Samuel Wilson gives to William Thomas, in trust for his wife Francis [sic] Wilson and for her sole and separate use for life, then as she designates by her will: Nanney, a woman aged about 55 years, Harriet, a woman about 30 years and her three children, Sally, Robert and Henry, with all her present and future increase, which are now in the possession of Judge Lee of Charleston.  Wit. A. D. Sims, S. Wilds DeBose.  Pr. July 23, 1839.  Rec. July 23, 1839.


N-314-15. Assignment of Property.  Aug. 23, 1839.  Noah A. Bacot transfers to William F. Gee certain property including negroes: Jim, Daniel, Horace, Peter, Jeffrey, Maria, Darcas, Josh, Rachael, Mary, Silva, Flora, Elenor and child, with their increase, in trust to pay Bacot’s debts, including debts to Gee, the Georgetown Bank (for which Gee, John F. Ervin and Geo. J. W. McCall are securities), and to John Kirkpatrick of Charleston.  Wit. Cyrus Bacot, E. W. Charles.  Pr. Sept. 3, 1829.  Rec. Sept. 3, 1839.


N-331. Deed of Gift.  Sept. 20, 1839.  William Garner, Sr. conveys to his step son John Osburn negro Sarah.  Wit. Wm. F. Zimmerman, J. G. Gatlin.  Pr. Nov., 16, 1839.  Rec. Nov. 16, 1839.


N-355.  Deed.  Sept. 7, 1839.  William Garner conveys for love and $500 to his daughter Lydia Meadors, four Negroes:  Jerry and Kate his wife, a boy Blanden, and Hannah. Garner retains the negroes for life, then to Lydia for her life, then to the heirs of her body.  Wit.  Wm. F. Zimmerman, J. G. Gatlin.  Pr. Dec. 14, 1839.  Rec. Dec. 14, 1839.


N-357.  Deed of Gift.  Dec. 26, 1839.  James Nettles conveys to his sister Ann Cooper and the issue of her body, a negro woman & child named Hannah & Grace.  Wit. J.  B. Nettles.  Pr. Dec. 27, 1839.  Rec. Dec. 27, 1839.


N-367-70.  Marriage Settlement.  Sept. 9, 1839. In contemplation of the marriage of Jane F. Kirvin and John M. Davis, a trust agreement is made to protect the property of Jane F. Kirvin, including 400 acres of land and the following negroes:  Jim, Mariah, Charlotte, Lavinia and her children, Jim, Serena, Binah and Betsy. [Apparently the last four are the children of  Lavinia.]  All this property is conveyed by Jane F. Kirvin, with the consent of John M. Davis, to Ann J. DuBose, in trust for the joint use of Kirvin and Davis during their lives, then to the use of the survivor for life, then to the issue of the marriage if there are any, in fee simple.  Failing issue of  Jane Kirvin, the property is equally divided between John M. Davis, Ann E. Fort and Joshua E. Kirven.  Ann Fort’s share is to be free from the debts of her present husband Josiah A. Fort.  The entire estate is to be charged first with $500, which is to go to Jane K. Fort, niece of Jane F. Kirvin.  If Davis dies before Jane F. Kirvin, the trustee is to convey all the property to her in fee simple.  If the marriage is consumated, John M. Davis is to take possession of the property and is not accountable for its profits.  Wit. Jas. P. Wilson, Peter C. Edwards, A. M. McIver. Pr. Nov. 28, 1839.  Rec. Jan. 21, 1840.


N-387-88. Assignment.  Feb. 26, 1840.  In order to clear his debts, Caleb H. Nettles assigns his property to E. W. Charles and E. A. Law.  Property consists of various notes, cases in action, etc. (involving J. B. & C. H. Nettles, Law & Nettles, Joseph B. Nettles, Mrs. Blackwell, J. A. Dargan, Peter B. Pearce, John Chambless), and the equity of redemption in the following seventeen Negroes which are mortgaged to Joseph B. Nettles:  Old Sally, Bess, Isaac, Sam, Little Sally, Harriett, Ben, Monday, Annet, Big Jinny, Jim, Sary, Dick, little Jinny, Betty, Simon and John.  Seven of these Negroes are encumbered by a prior mortgage to John Gibson.  Conveyance to Charles and Law is in trust, for them to pay Nettles’ debts including a debt to the court of common pleas, debts to E. W. Charles, J. K, Dargan and James King, notes given to the state bank at Camden, a judgment confessed to Elias D. Law, debt due the estate of Samuel L. DuBose, debt due M. W. Hunter, survivor of the firm of Hunter and DuBose, other debts in the Sheriff’s office, debt due on a note given to T. C. Law (on which C. Pearce and N. A. Bacot are securities).  Wit. S. Wilds DuBose, W. W. King.  Pr. May 2, 1840  [sic].  Rec. Mar. 3, 1840.


N-401-02.  Mortgage.  Apr. 4, 1840.  To secure the debt of $1000 on a bond dated Mar. 13, 1840, owed to John McIver Davis in right of his wife Jane Francis Davis, due to her upon settlement at her marriage, Joshua E. Kirvin conveys to Davis the following slaves:  William, Charlotte, Cuffee, Mariah, aged 8, 5, 3 and 2 years. Conveyance is void if Kirvin performs as promised.  Wit. Robert G. Edwards, John J. McIver.  Pr. May 1, 1840.  Rec. May 16, 1840.


N-403-04.  Mortgage.  Apr. 4, 1840.  To secure a debt of $700 owed to Mrs. Ann J. DuBose, Joshua E. Kirvin conveys negro slaves Binah, aged about 55, and Milly, aged about 27, to her.  Conveyance is void if Kirvin pys debt as agreed.  Wit. Robert G. Edwards, John J. McIver.  Pr. May 1, 1840.  Rec. May 16, 1840.


N-414-15. Mortgage.  June 19, 1840.  To secure the extension of time on his debt of $575 owing to E. W. Charles, Samuel B. Wilkins conveys to Charles negro slave Dianah, aged about 20 years.  Conveyance is void if Wilkins pays debt as agreed.  Wit. Andrew B. Charles.  Pr. June 30, 1840.  Rec. June 30, 1840.


N-429-32.  Marriage Contract.  Sept. 7, 1840. To secure the property of Hannah White, who is intending to marry Joshua E. Kirven, property which is her undistributed share of land, negroes, bonds, etc. due her from the estate of her father, William White, late of Montgomery Co., Alabama, is conveyed in trust to Peter K. McIver, under certain terms and conditions.  [Negroes not named.]  Wit. A. M. McIver, Robert G. Edwards, J. J. McIver, John K. McIver.  Pr. Oct. 13, 1840.  Rec. Oct. 14, 1840.


N-440-41.  Deed of Gift.  Mar. 14, 1839. Anderson Sexton delivers to his son Thomas J., negro woman named Rode, “she having been in my possession but belonging to him from her birth.”  Anderson Sexton also conveys stock and other goods to his children William H. C., Anderson B., Ann M., Mary M. and Frances M. Sexton.  Wit. John B. Rogers.  Pr. Oct. 14, 1840.  Rec. Sept. 15, 1840.


N-446-47.  Mortgage. Sept. 15, 1838.  To secure a debt of $7680 owed to George Huggins, Sherrod Barnes conveys to Huggins land as described in a deed dated this day, and the following negroes: Charlotte (aged 26), Anna (aged 12), George (aged 9), Esther (aged 8), Primus (aged 6), Herod (aged 4), Nero (aged 2), Leonard (aged 10 months), Ameritta (aged 16), Abner (aged 1), Sarah (aged 4 months), Cate (aged 55), Dianna (aged 55), Nancy (aged 60), Cuffee (aged 57) and Clare (aged 46).  Conveyance is void if Barnes pays his debt as agreed. Wit.  James H. Huggins, C. C. Campbell.  Pr.  Sept. 7, 1840.  Rec.  Oct. 15, 1840.


N-486-87.  Bill of Sale.  Dec. 12, 1840.  Nancy Skinner sells to Makinza Mazingo for $800, negro boy Cory (aged 13) and negro girl Mariah (aged 11) and household goods.  Wit.  Jacob Smith, M. DuBose.  Pr. Feb. 20, 1841.  Rec.  Mar. 1, 1841.


 N-497-98. Deed of Gift.  Mar. 10, 1840.  Mary E. Miller of Sumter Dist. conveys two negroes, man Anthony and woman Ruth and her increase, to John J. Miller and Evan J. Lide, in trust for her daughter Frances E. Lide, wife of David R. Lide, for her use or hire.  The said two negroes are to be taken into account, valued at $1,000, in the distribution of Mary’s estate, unless otherwise directed by her will.  John Blount Miller, wife of Mary E. Miller consents to the deed of gift “so far as my consent may be deemed necessary.” After Frances Lide’s death, negroes and their increase to go to her children, or if none, distributed according to intestacy law. Wit. Wm. M. Miller.  Pr.  Sumter Dist., Mar. 13, 1841.  Noted as recorded in the Secretary’s Office, Columbia, Misc. Rec. Book L, p. 266, Mar. 16, 1841.  Rec. Apr. 28, 1841.


N-516-17.  Mortgage.  Mar. 9, 1841.  To secure a debt of $372.56, John Tolston conveys to Alexander Sparks, negro man Moses, a black smith.  Conveyance is void if Tolston repays the debt.  Wit  Jno. J. McDonald, Thomas G. McCall.  Pr. Mar. 23, 1841.  Rec.  June 4, 1841. 


N-520-22. Mortgage. Apr. 5, 1841.  To secure a debt of $900, Samuel N. Garner conveys to James Parrott property including negro woman Amy, negro woman Judy, negro boy Charles (aged about 3 years), negro girl Mary (aged about 5 years), negro child aged about 2 months (daughter of Amy), cattle and other goods, also negro boy Alfred.  Conveyance is void if Garner pays debt as agreed.  Wit.  Samuel J. Ervin.  Pr. June 6, 1841.  Rec.  June 6, 1841.


N-527-28.  Trust Deed.  Jan. 11, 1841.  William Gee sells to Thomas Gee for $6000, a lot of negroes: Ephraim, Burril, Harriet, Senty [?], Timothy, Peter, Fanny, Sesar, Pleasant, Ben, Dic [sic] and little Ben, and their increase.  William to retain possession and profit of them during his lifetime, and then to the heirs of his body.  Wit.  Henry Welch, Thomas Farmer, Nevel Gee.  Pr. May 31, 1841.  Rec. June 7, 1841.


N-528.  Deed.  Jan. 11, 1841.  Thomas Gee sells to William Gee for $6000, a lot of negroes:  Ephraim, Burril, Harriet, Sinty, Timothy, Peter, Fanny, Sesar, Pleasant, Ben, Dic and little Ben.  Wit.  Henry Welch, Thomas Farmer, Nevel Gee. Pr. May 31, 1841.  Rec. Jne 7, 1841.


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N-564.  Trust Deed. July 6, 1840.  Susanna Gee conveys to her son William Gee, Negro man Moses, in trust for herself, she to retain possession during her lifetime.  After her death, William is to deliver Moses to his son Reddic Gee if he is over 21 years of age.  If Reddic dies, Moses to be sold and proceeds equally distributed to the surviving children of William Gee.  Marginal note:  “Delivered to Nevill Gee for Wm. Gee.”  Wit. Wm. Hale, William Purvis.  Pr. Aug. 3, 1840.  Rec. July 5, 1841.


N-564-65. Trust Deed.  July 6, 1840.  Susanna Gee conveys to her son Nevill Gee, Negroes Ned, Katy and Tenah, in trust for herself, she to retain possession during her lifetime.  After her death, Nevill is to deliver Ned, Katy and Tenah to his daughter Susanna Gee if she is over 18 years of age.  If Susanna dies, Negroes to be sold and proceeds equally distributed to the surviving children of Nevill Gee.  Wit. Wm. Hale, William Purvis.  Pr. Aug. 3, 1840.  Rec. July 5, 1841. 


N-565-66.  Trust Deed.  July 6, 1840.  Susanna Gee conveys to her son Nevill Gee, three Negroes Sally, Dilcey and Sibey, in trust for herself, she to retain possession during her lifetime.  After her death, Nevill is to deliver Negroes to his son Samuel Gee if he is over 21 years of age.  If Samuel dies, Negroes to be sold and proceeds equally distributed to the surviving children of Nevill Gee. Wit. Wm. Hale, William Purvis.  Pr. Aug. 3, 1840.  Rec. July 5, 1841.


N-581.  Mortgage.  Feb. 23, 1841. To secure a debt of $400, Thomas Gee conveys a negro man Burrell to Littleton Hooten.  Conveyance is void if Gee pays the debt. Wit.  Abr. Sansbury, John Sansbury.  Pr. July 19, 1841.  Rec. Aug. 2, 1841.


N-585-6.  Trust Deed.  Chesterfield Dist., Apr. 2, 1841.  Peter L. Robeson conveys to George W. Dargan, in trust for his daughter Mary, wife of Samuel J. Wilson, Negroes: Rhoda, Isham, Violet & her child Henry, Sharper, Ellen, Thomas and Black Nancy and their increase.  Mary may order their sale.  After her death, in equal shares to her children.  Wit.  J[ames]. C. Craig, Thomas M. Robeson.  Pr. Chesterfield Dist., Apr. 5, 1841.  Rec. Aug. 19, 1841.


N-609.  Deed of Gift.  Sept. 3, 1841.  Paul Severance conveys to his daughter Susannah Sarah Jefferds a Negro girl Nelly, with her increase.  Wit. Nelson Parnell, Lewis Smith. Pr. Nov. 10, 1841.  Rec. Nov. 8, 1841.


N-613.  Deed of Gift. Sept. 30, 1841.  Paul Severance conveys to his daughter Mary Margarett Fields a Negro woman Sarah, with her increase.  Wit.  J[ohn]. F. A. Elliot, Lewis Smith.  Pr. Jan. 4, 1842.  Rec.  Jan. 4, 1842.


N-634-35.  Deed of Gift.  Sept. 28, 1841.  Paul Saverance [sic] conveys to his son Robert M. Saverance, negro woman Deliar with her increase.  Wit.  George S. Huggins, Redin [?] Saverance. Pr. Jan. 24, 1842.  Rec.  Jan. 20, 1842.


N-635-36.  Deed of Gift.  Sept. 28, 1841.  Paul Saverance conveys to Robert N. Saverance and James H. Huggins, in trust for his daughter Frances Scot Parnell, 75 acres of land, negro boy named Clare [?], aged about 16 years, as well as other property.  Wit. George S. Huggins, Redin Saverance.  Pr. Dec. 15, 1841. Rec. Jan. 20, 1842.


N-638-39.  Deed of Gift.  Sept. 28, 1841.  Paul Saverance conveys to Robert M. Saverance and James H. Huggins, in trust for his daughter Martha Jane Mims, 175 acres of land and Negro boy named Solomon, aged about 13 years. Wit.  George S. Huggin, Redden Saverance.  Pr.  Dec. 15, 1841.  Rec. Jan. 20, 1842.


N-642-43.  Deed of Gift.  Sept. 1, 1840.  Rozier Kelly and Sarah his wife, William Parrott and Rebecca his wife, convey to Elizabeth Dewitt, their interest in Negroes Aaron, John, Molly and old Mary, under the will of William Z. Dewitt, which was dated Dec. 26, 1839 and probated in Darlington Dist.  William Z. Dewitt left a life interest in certain Negroes to his widow Elizabeth and the residual interest to his daughters Rebecca, wife of William Parrott, and Sarah, wife of Rozier Kelly.  Their interest being the remainder interest to the negroes which were left to the said Elizabeth Dewitt as her life estate under the will of her husband William Z. Dewitt. Wit.  Robert Kelley, Hamet Parrott.   Pr.  May 13 and May 15, 1841.  Rec. Feb. 2, 1842. 


N-656-58. Mortgage.  Feb. 15, 1842.  To secure a bond of $10,026 payable to Levi G. S. Middleton and secured by McIver and Wilson, Charles Williams conveys to John K. McIver and Isaac D. Wilson, negro slaves Ephraim, Charlotte, Nelson, Edeline, Elias, Louisa and Milly.   Conveyance is void if Williams performs as promised.   Wit.  W. C. Bruce, John McAlister. Pr. Feb. 16, 1842.  Rec.  Feb. 16, 1842.


N-660-62.  Indenture Tripartite.  Feb. 14, 1842.  In order to settle an equity action brought in Cheraw Dist. Equity Court by William M. Cannon and Margaret Jane his wife against William A. Ervin, administrator of the estate of James Ervin, this agreement is made by Wm. M. Cannon, Margaret J. Cannon and Jno. F. Ervin to protect the interest of Margaret Jane Cannon in the estate of James Ervin, by conveying to John F. Ervin, in trust of Margaret, 1461 acres in Marlboro County, and thirteen Negro slaves:  Napoleon, Florah, Katy, Esther, Henrietta, Cloe, Minda, Hampton, Ginney, Phebe, Tay [?], Harriet and Patty, as well as other property in a schedule, the undivided property of the estate of James Ervin, to which Margaret is entitled to a moiety thereof.  Further instructions provided for the distribution after the death of Margaret Jane and William M. Cannon.  Wit.  Wm. A. Ervin, Saml. J. Ervin.  Schedule of property dated Feb. 14, 1842, includes various land in Marlboro and Darlington counties and four Negro slaves: Patsy, Nathan, Sarah and Edwin.  Pr. Feb. 16, 1842. Rec. Feb. 16, 1842.


N-674-76.  Assignment.  Feb. 1, 1840.  In order to assure that his property is used to pay his debts to various persons, Thomas E. Hart conveys all his property in trust to Hugh Lide, John W. Lide, Thos. C. Law, Robert L. Hart and A. Sparks.  Property includes the plantation where he lives of 1000 or 1200 acres, a tract on Black Creek known as the lower plantation of about 4000 acres, and 89 Negroes:  Joe, Stephen, Rose, Dick, July, Maria, Peter, Rozanna, Silvey, Cuffy, Dolly, Richmond, Caroline, Isham, Binah, Calvin, Chany, George, Cuff, Sandy, Hasty, Zachrie, Nero, Polly, Sophy, Needham, Argent, Lizzy, Esther, Elias, Hamlet, Jinney, Edmund, Lavinia, Mary, Rosier, Julia, Allen, Cloe, old Kate, Tom, Mark, Old Daniel, Phillis, young Daniel, Jim, Betsy, Alick, Sally, Clarissa, Dembo, William, Retta, Amos, Jinney, Jasper, Henry, Hester, Eliza, Harriet, Nanny, Polly, Wiley, Viney, Anarchy, Aid, Tim, Dinah, Renty, Ann, Caty, Randolph, Eliza, Lucy, Rachael, Sidney, Celia, Kizzy, Cretia, Rosseau, Prince, America, Beck, Jack, Sam, Isaac, May, Dick and Glasgow, and other property.  Grantees are to use the property to pay his debts, hold the balance and reconvey to him or to such person as he directs by will or otherwise.  Wit.  Jno. F. Ervin, Sam. H. Wilds.  Pr. Feb. 16, 1842.  Rec. Feb. 16, 1842.  Note states the assignment was left in the office to be recorded in Feb. 1841 but was not recorded for want of proof.