Ration Book #3188, part 4

July 12


167.  Hannah Sinkler, freedwoman, is 75 years old.  Lives on James Redden Gee’s place on Lake Swamp about 3 miles below Timmonsville.   Is afflicted with cancer on the head.  Has no relations. Issued for 10 days;  sent up by Mary Stewart, white.  {Issued for 10 days July 26th.}


168.  Scipio White, freedman, is 75 years old.  Lives on Lake Swamp, 1 mile below Timmonsville on Vander White’s place.  Works for Mrs. White in the crop. Is very feeble and worn out.  Issued for ten (10) days.


July 13


169.  Daniel Sanders, freedman, 67 yrs. old. Lives in Darlington village with J. Pierce.  Works a little.  Cannot do much.  Mr. Sanders has been supporting him. Has a wife named Phillis Wise, same age living with Andrew Hunter on McSwain’s place about 4 miles distant on Camden road.  Is recommended as worthy by Henry Sanders.  Issued for both for 3 days.


170.   Sarah Hicks, white widow, 40 yrs. old.  Lives 5 miles distant from Society Hill in Chesterfield district near the Railroad at Cassias [?] Station.  Has one daughter under 12.  Has a small garden.  Has a free ticket on the Railroad furnished by McFarland, president, to enable her to come for assistance.  Issued for ten days.  {Issued for 10 days Aug. 3d}


171.  Benjamin Steward, freedman, is 60 years old.  Lives on Gen. McCall’s plantation.  Eight miles distant on Florence road.  Is afflicted with scrofula. Issued for ten days.  Is very feeble.  {Issued for 10 days July 17th}


172.  Elizabeth Crowley, white widow, is 51 years old.  Lives in Chesterfield, 9 miles from Cheraw on old stage road running to Camden.  Lives with her mother named Minda Rascoe, 98 yrs old, on Creuslarr’s [?] place.  Has about one acre in corn, potatoes, etc.  Has no stock of any sort. Issued for ten (10) days.  Certificate of merit signed by Mr. Stephen H. Parker.


173.  Lewis Loyd, white, is 34 years old.  Lives on Mr. William Law’s place 3 miles distant on Society Hill road.  Has 32 acres hired from widow Frazer in corn. Has one horse. Has a garden on Mrs. Frazer’s place planted in beans & cabbage.  Has a sow & five pigs on Law’s place. Has a wife named Mary Jane & 5 children under 13.  Certificate of merit signed by Dr. Normant.  Issued for all for 2 days.  {See Cases 257 & 258}


174.  Henry Padgett, white, 87 years old.  Lives about five miles distant on Camden road on Mr. Spain’s place.  Has a daughter named Derinda and her husband, Moses Wetherford, living in same house with him.  His daughter has about half an acre in cabbages, beans etc.  Has a sow & ten pigs.  Has some chickens. Has one horse.  Certificate of merit signed by Messr. Muggins, Charles, Russell, Floyd, etc.  Has just received twenty dollars from Commissioners of the poor for the Dist. of Darlington.  His son in law Moses, hires seventy acres from Mr. Spain and pays Spain half the crop.  He has a son working with him.  Issued for 5 days for himself only.  {Issued for 4 days Aug. 4th.}


175.  Joe Campbell, freedman, 75 years old.  Lives about 6 2 miles distant on Cheraw & D. R. R. with Mr. Benj. Burris, 3 2 miles from Florence.  Is very feeble & broken.  Needs clothing.  Issued for ten days.  Has been supported by Mr. Burris a poor man.  {Issued for 10 days July 28th}


176.  Hester Miller, white widow, is 24 years old, daughter of above Mr. Burris, lives with him.  Has three children under seven.  Issued for herself & children for 3 days.  {Issued for 5 days July 28th.}


177.  Maria Flowers, white widow, is 26 years old.  Lives about 5 miles distant on Camden road, on her father Nat Odom’s place, in same house.  Father has 40 or 50 acres planted in corn, potatoes &c and has some hogs & chickens, two cows, one horse.  Mother’s name is Betsy Odom.  Sister’s name Elizabeth.  Maria has four children under 9 years.  Has received ten dollars from Comm. of Poor for District.  Certificate of merit signed my W. J. Floyd and J. M. Brown.  Issued for herself & four children for five days.  {Issued for 5 days July 24. Issued for 4 days Aug. 4th)


July 18


178.  Lucy Odom, white, 58 years old.  Has a husband named Samuel 77 years old.  Son Daniel, 24 years, and three grandchildren under 7 years, living with her 6 miles from Chesterfield Court House on the road from that place to Merrin [?] N. C.  Has 200 acres planted in cotton, corn, potatoes etc.  Her son has two cows, one horse, five hogs, has over a dozen chickens.  Lucy received a free ticket over the R. R. from Macfarland, president, to procure assistance.  Issued for Lucy, husband and three children for 2 days.  {J. P. Harrell, chairman of Board of poor for that district, declines helping her as he things her not needy.}


179.  Jane Campbell, white widow, 60 years old.  Has one daughter named Margaret, 26 years old, who teaches school at Andrews’ Mill, comes home once a week.  Jane lives 4 miles from Carters bridge over Lynchs’ Creek, between Newman swamp & Lynchs’ creek.  Her daughter owns 6 acres, rented to Mr. Wesly Garner for 1/5 of cotton produced.  Has a small garden planted in cabbage, beans etc.  Has one sow and three pigs. Has six chickens.  Has one cow and a yearling.  Daughter gets about $15.00 a month from her school.  Issued for Jane & daughter for 5 days.  {Certificate signed by A. N. Stuckey chairman of Board of Poor.}  {Issued for 5 days July 30th for Jane alone.  Issued for 5 days Aug. 4th.}


July 19


180.  Simon Scott, freedman, is 35 years old.  Is blind. Has a wife named Suzie, four children.  Lives on Peggy Brown’s place 8 miles from Kingstree, Williamsburgh District on Cedar Swamp Road.  Suzie has contracted with Miss Brown for half crop.  Gadsen brother of Simon brings a certificate of merit from E. LO. Levin of Kingstree.  Issued for himself & four children for twenty days.


July 21


181.  Margaret Wilson, white widow, is 30 years old.  Has three children under eleven.  Lives about 15 miles distant towards Lunch’s Creek on Widow Cotwell’s place on Sumter road near Carters Bridge.  Has no land, no garden, has a few chickens.  Has been hoeing for Mr. Gray & spinning.  Mr. Gray have her 50 cts. a day.  Cannot get work now.  I have [?] recommendation from J. E. Byrd of Timmonsville.  Issued for herself & three children for six days.


July 23


182.  Sela Jane Holloman, white, is 40 years old.  Husband has deserted her about two months ago.  Has six children under 10 years.  Lives at Mount Elon Church about 15 miles distant on Lydia road.  Lives on Mr. Jacob Kelly’s place.  Has a small garden, has 8 or 10 chicken.  Has a sow & pigs.  Supports herself by carding [?] & spinning, weaving, &c.  Is recommended by J. S. Fillebrown.  Issued for herself & six children for 10 days.  {Issued for 3 days Aug. 3d.}


July 24


183. Permili Crawford, white, 50 years old.  Husband Stephen crazy.  Has been so since 1850.  Has five children.  One son David age 24, living with her.  Daughter Catherine aged 21.  Son Michael 15.  William 13 years.  Married daughter Hannah Sellers living near her.  The family lives about 3 miles from Chesterfield Court House on the Walterborough [?] road. Has 100 acres, 25 acres in corn principally some cotton.  Has one horse, two cows, one sow & five pigs.  Has some chickens. David rents 18 acres land from Louis Melton which he works with his mule.  Permeli has a free ticket on R. R. given by Macfarland president to come for help.  Issued for herself, husband & 3 children for five days.


184.  Mary Stroud, white widow, is 40 years old.  Has six children, one son of 16 lives out, rest under 15.  Lives about half a mile from above mentioned place on land belonging to her mother Catherine McQuade.  175 acres.  Has 4 acres in cotton and 11 acres in corn. Has a kitchen garden.  Has one mare, 2 cows, five hogs, 4 geese, 4 hens, dozen chickens.  Mary is a sister of Permeli Crawford. Has a free ticket as above on R. R.  Issued for herself & five children for five days.  {Issued for 3 days Aug. 2d}


185. Betty Haynsworth, freedwoman, 63 years old.  Lives on Col. Charles place, 10 miles distant on PeeDee River at Cashaway ferry. Issued for five days.


July 25


186.  Hannah Dyson, white widow, 30 years of age.  Has four children under 8 years. Lives at Mechanicsville 7 miles distant.  Has four brothers living near her, all grown & married.  Has two single brothers grown living near her.  She has a father Richard Bacot who lives with his niece Mrs. Clarke near her.  Mrs. Dyson has some two acres not cultivated, lives in a small log house.  Is a relative of Dr. Dargan of Darlington.  Issued for ten (10) days.


187. Mary Robbins, white widow, 56 [36?] years old.  Has a son named Edward Dixon [?], grown, married, living in Darlington Dist. She never see him.  Has four other children living with her viz, Duncan 18 yrs, Margaret 16, Catherine 14, Effy 11 yrs. Lives 5 miles from Cheraw on Chesterfield Court House road.  Has rented some land from Major McQueen about 15 acres.  Has one sow & five pigs.  Has a free ticket on R. R. from MacFarland President.  Issued for 5 days.


July 27


188. Nehemiah Eddins, white, is 71 years old.  Wife’s name AObedience@ 67 years .  Has two sons married living near.  Lives in Chesterfield District 4 miles from Court House on Wadeborough road.  Mr. {Archie [?]} McQuade has allowed him to occupy about one acre of land on her place.  Has a garden and potato patch.  Has two hogs.  Certificate of merit signed by John H. Perkins, Magistrate for Chesterfield.  Has a free ticket on R. R. from MacFarland, President.  Issued for ten days.


189. Sukie Nettles, freedwoman, 85 years old.  Lives on Dr. Thomas Smith’s place 9 miles distant on Society Hill road over Black Creek. Has been living there since last January.  Issued for ten days.


190.  Harriet Cook, white widow, 37 years old. Has four children under 12.  Lives 4 miles from Cheraw on Society Hill road.  Father Wm. Watson & mother Elizabeth live with her.  Father rents 10 acres in cotton & 15 in corn from Mr. Robert Kendall {for 1/3}.  Has a small garden, 20 chickens. Has one colt.  Issued for three days, to herself & children.  Has free ticket from McFarland President of R. R.


191. Martha Adgierson, white, 48 yrs.  Husband’s name William, 60 yrs.  Has six children living with her.  Daughter of 16, one of 12, boy of 10, 3 girls under 8 years.  Rented 10 acres from George Spence in corn.  Has small garden.  Has five chickens.  Has one horse.  Lives about 4 miles from Chesterfield Court House on road to Cheraw.  Has free ticket on R. R. from McFarland President.  Issued for herself, husband and 6 children for three (3) days.


192.  Jane Gainey, white widow, 27 years old.  Has three children under 7.  Lives on Lake Swamp 10 miles distant on Timmonsville Road on Daniel Carter’s place.  Has no garden.  Is recommended by J. E. Nettles.  Issued for 3 days.  {Is sister in law to Elizabeth Case 55.  Is reported Aug. 31st by the grand mother Isy Gainey to have run off and left her children.}{Issued for 3 days Aug. 1st.}


July 28


193.  Lydia Clements, freedwoman, is 45 years old.  Deformed & helpless.  Lives about 14 miles distant on Mr. S. [?] Clements place called Boggy Gully on Camden Road.  Issued for five days. {Shoulder badly broken.}


194. Nellie Grooms, white, 75 years old.  Husband John is 80 years old.  Has the dropsy.  Has one son, Reuben 50 years old, a peddler.  Has one daughter Harriet 24 years.  Lives at Beaver Dam in Chesterfield about 21 miles distant, 8 miles north west of Hartsville.  Her son owns the place on which she lives.  110 acres in corn, potatoes, etc.  Has one ox, 7 or 8 hogs.  Iss’d for 10 days.  {Shows recommendation from T. C. Law, M. Golson.}


195.  Mary Dixon, white, is 30 years old.  Husband’s name William Wesley Dixon is 30.  Has epilepsy.  Has three children under 10.  Lives on orad running from Camden to Society Hill in Darlington District about 5 miles from Hartsville on widow Rebecca Kilgore’s place. Has about 2 acres in corn potatoes etc.  Issued for ten days. {Shows recommendation from T. C. Law of Hartsville.}


July 30


196.  Wesley W. Bell, white, 55 years old.  Has a wife named Mary 45 years old.  One daughter named Margaret Louisa 17 years.  One son of 13.  Lives about 15 miles on Camden road, five miles beyond Dr. Henry Flynn.  Has 30 acres rented to John James Scarborough for one third crop.  Has about 1/8 acre garden.  Has two cows, three hogs, 12 chickens. Is recommended by R. Beasley, Ex-Sheriff.  Is afflicted with rheumatism, obliged to use crutches for past 15 years.  Issued for himself, wife, daughter & son for five days. {Issued for 3 days Aug. 4th. Margaret is represented by W. W. Moore Magistrate as a dissolute character.  Mr. & Mrs. Bell, however, he represents as entirely worthy.}


197.  Mary Ann Windham, white, is 30 years old.  Has husband named William Windham aged 63 years and infirm.  Has three children under 5. Lives 4 miles further than Wesley Bell above mentioned.  Husband is a cousin of W. J. Windham mentioned case A148" his Book. Lives James Windham’s, his father’s place.  James is a preacher.  Has 30 or 40 acres which he does not work..  The story told by Mary is full of contradictions.  Refused to issue unless satisfactory reference is given.


July 31


198. Jennie Hart, freedwoman, 70 years old.  Lives on Mr. McCall’s place near Pee Dee River on Cashway ferry road about 13 miles distant. Issued for five days.


199.  Jeremiah Youngs, white, 81 years.  Wife’s name Martha, 68 years old.  Married daughter named Rebecca McQuaig, wife of William McQuaig lives about 2 miles from him.  Jeremiah lives about 4 miles from Chesterfield Court House on Jackson road leading from Court House to Maysville on widow Strone’s [?] land, about 35 acres.  6 or 7 acres in corn, potatoes &c.  Has two pigs.  Has free ticket on R. R. from Macfarland president.   Is recommended by I. P. Harrell, J. C. Evans, Henry McIver of Cheraw.  Issued for five days to himself & wife.


August 1


200. John McCall, freedman, is 25 years old.  Lame & helpless.  Subject to convulsions, lives on J. M. McCall’s place about 8 miles distant on Cashway Ferry road.  Issued for five days.


201.  Ben. McCall, freedman, 80 years old.  Lives on James McCall’s place 20 miles distant near Lynch’s Creek, two miles from Effingham & two miles from North Eastern R. R.  Issued for ten days.


August 2


202.  Charles Shaw, freedman, is 18 years old.  Used to belong to Archibald Shaw of Georgetown, S. C.  Is badly crippled.  Has no use of right arm.  Can not find any one to help him.  Has convulsions. Issued for five days.


August 3


203.  Hope McCoy, white widow, 33 years old.  Has four children, oldest 14. Lives 15 miles distant on Lake Swamp on James Oliver’s, her fathers place.  Father dead; Mother Nancy is living.  Wiley O’Neal her brother in law and her married sister Jerushe, live on same place.  This place is on Effingham road & contains about 300 acres.  Hope & Wiley have planted about 40 acres in corn principally.  The mother Nancy owns two cows, one horse, one mule, three hogs, three geese & 15 or 16 chickens.  Certificate of need signed by Henry L. Morris.  Issued for Hope & four children for five days.


204.  Emily Scaff, white widow, is 42 years old.  Has five children, one daughter of 22, one of 18.  3 children under 10.  Lives on same place as above.  Is recommended by Henry L. Morris as above.  Issued for herself & two grown daughters and three (3) children for five days.


205.  Milly Marsh, white, is 16 years old.  Has a father living named William Marsh, 52 years old {afflicted with Erisipiles}.  Has two brothers under 14.  Lives about 25 miles distant near Tillar’s bridge over Lynch’s Creek, north Westerly direction.  Lives on Mrs. Eliza Gardner’s place.  Has about 10 acres planted in corn potatoes etc.  One sow & five pigs, six chickens.  Certificate of merit signed by O. D. Lee, Magistrate.  Issued for five days to all.


206.  Martha Braddock, white widow, 33 years old.  Has six children, daughter of 17, rest under fourteen.  Lives on Mr. Kendalls place, 4 miles this side of Cheraw in Chesterfield on Darlington road.  Has no land.  Has no stock of any Kind.  Has free ticket on R. R. from McFarland president.  Issued for five days to all.  {Brings reference Aug 17th from Geo. W. McIver.}


207.  Ann Hainey, white widow, 29 years old.  Has five children under 12.  Lives five miles from Cheraw on Chesterfield Court House road, on Dr. Poe’s place.  Has no garden, no stock of any kind.  Has free ticket on R. R. from MacFarland president.  Issued for ten days to all.


208.  Ann Morris, white, singlewoman, 30 years old.  Lives 9 miles from Cheraw on Chesterfield Court House road on Mr. Odom’s place Case 178 this book.  {Has a sister AMary@ 16 years.}  Has a mother ACharity@ 50 years old. Has two brothers under 14.  Has a small garden, three hogs, few chickens.  Has free ticket on R. R. from McFarland President. Is directed to bring reference next time.  Issued for three days, to all.  {Shows reference Aug. 31st from W. L. J. Reid, E. M. Wells, & D. J. McRae of Cheraw, S. C.}


209.  Margaret Campbell, white, singlewoman, 17 years old.  Mother’s name Mary, 65 years old.  Has a brother and two sisters under 14.  Lives on Gover Hill in Chesterfield five miles from Cheraw on C. Court House road on Mr. Henry McIvers place.  Has one sow, five pigs, no other stock.  Has no garden.  Has about ten acres which her brother works on Alick McQueen’s land paying him 1/4 of crop.  Has free ticket on R. R. from McFarland President. Issued for three days to all.  Directed to bring reference next time.


210.  Caroline Hicks, white widow, 50 years old. Has four children living her under 14 years old.  Lives six miles from Cheraw on C. Court House road.  Lives in Mr. McIver’s kitchen.  Has no other support than by spinning.  Daughter Harriet aged 14 has a free ticket on R. R. from MacFarland President. Is directed to bring reference.  Issued for all for three days.  {Is reported by Eveline McGowen to be living with her (Eveline’s) father Isaac Miller as man and wife though not married.  Isaac has quit his daughter and left her dependent upon charity.}


211. Mary Graves, white widow, is 27 years old.  Has two children under 7.  Has a mother named Mary Laster [?] 52 years old. Lives in Cheraw on Abner Strother’s lot.  Has a small garden, sews & washes for a living.  Has a free ticket on R. R. from MacFarland Pres.  Is directed to bring reference.  Issued for three days to all.  {Shows reference from D. McIver, W. L. T. Prince & others of Cheraw.}


212.  Margaret Crowley, white widow, 36 years old.  Has four children. One son of 16, rest under 12.  Son William works at McCall’s saw mill in Darlington Dist.  Margaret lives in Cheraw on Louis Smith’s place.  Sews & washes for a living.  Mother & father both living near her.  Has free ticket on R. R. from McFarland Pres. Is directed to bring reference.  Issued for three days to herself & three children.  {Aug. 17th brings reference from J. P. Harrall, W. L. J. Reid & J. H. Gooch of Cheraw.}


213.  Holly Smith, white widow, 30 years old.  Has two children under 14.  Lives in Cheraw in Louis Smith’s house, but he is no relation of hers.  Sews & washes for a living.  Has free ticket on R. R. from McFarland, Pres.  Is directed to bring reference.  Issued for three days to all.  {Aug. 17th brings reference from same persons as above.}


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